Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Update from the road!

I'm working away from the office this post is coming from my Blackberry. Please forgive the short nature of this post and any misspelled words!! Julie just sent me a message that Magdalena took a full 23cc feeding earlier today. Right now she is trying to feed her using the bottle. More to come tonight!



  1. Go Magdalena!!! Keep going strong! Hope you guys are resting well!
    Love you! Kristin & Tony

  2. Wow that is incredible. Annabel took longer to get that many cc in her lil body. I wanted to tell you I have a friend here locally whose daughter has a Trisomy and suffered from apnea (was not apremie) but they suggested using a caffine (didn't think it would necessarily work) but it did. Also using a pulse ox instead of apnea monitor. She is now 18mths. old. Praise God! If you want any info on this before bring Magdalena home just email me and I can put you in touch with her. I don't know all the details, but if you wanted to talk with your medical team about this, she can give you more detail and accurate info. Praising and praying for your family, Cathy & Annabel

  3. BrynnAileen7:26 PM

    Im so happy that Magdalena is goin soo well. I am and will continue to pray for the little girl and family! Jon Gillis told us of Magdalena at church camp and my heart just went out to her. Like I said IM so happy that she and her mom are doin so well!

  4. A good day for such a sweet little one...


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