Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quick Update and Request

As many of you know, Julie has been able to extend her stay at the hospital a couple of times. It's been great for her to be close to Magdalena while she has been recovering. Well, she is currently in the process of getting her things ready to leave and go home from the hospital. So here's the latest request:

-Please pray for peace as they leave the hospital, drive home and walk into their home for the first time since Magdalena's birth. Also pray that the peace that God gives them tonight will allow them to receive some much needed rest!

Magdalena's Update

Magdalena has had a good day today. The nurses are trying to keep her off of the warmer today to see if her body temperature will hold. She also had a great feeding thanks to the patience of the amazing Wren, her NICU nurse. One amazing piece of the puzzle is that she does not have any of the major problems problems normally associated with Trisomy 18. The doctors are still trying to get her prepared to go home later in the week. Their goal is to have her bottle feeding more regularly before she goes home. She is still having a little trouble with the bottle and the apnea is still present.

More to come later!!



  1. I will be praying for these things! Thank you for keeping us all so well-posted. It definitely helps Julie and Noah to not have to field every question, and this blog has made me beem, cry, and has helped me better know what page they're on as I pray for them.

  2. Thanksgiving to our God Almighty that she doesn't present with the typical Trisomy issues. Julie, Noah and Magdalena are continually in our thoughts and prayers. Cathy & Annabel

  3. What an amazing little girl. Praise God for her little life and that she is not struggling with the "typical" trismoy issues. Often God can even stump the doctors. He is in control of all and in Miss Magdalenas life. Praying for you all.

  4. What an amazing blessing that she is doing so well. The pictures are so sweet.


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