Sunday, August 24, 2008


Magdalena wore this outfit to celebrate Caroline's (her cousin) birthday on Aug. 21.

Mommy's first time to bathe Magdalena.

Please forgive us for the last blogging that Noah and I tried to do together. After a long week in the hospital we finally had time to discuss and update the blog. We wrote it together with much thought, and then, the internet from the hospital rolled over to the next day and cut our connection off. We had no idea, and it was too late to write as much as we had initially done. Noah was so tired, and yet, was so helpful to me to rewrite it for me.

Peace...I know that I should be feeling a load of this since we have had a HUGE prayer answered being able to spend 19 wonderful days with our daughter and bring her home. As you will read on many T18 blogs, this is very uncommon. When I was about to go into surgery I had no idea how long I would know my daughter, if at all, and God has blessed us with 19 wonder days with our sweet daughter. Yet, because each day is unknown I find myself watching her constantly, and if one thing seems wrong I wonder if this is it....the time that I find myself dreading more each day as my love grows even stronger for her. She amazes me... My mom and sister have come to watch her so that I can shower, take a nap, or just do a few things around the house so that I don't feel bad for leaving her alone. I am hoping that if God should grant me more time with her that I will gain the confidence to trust others with her, but for now she is my little bundle of joy to pour my time into.

Please pray for Magdalena's strength to increase and that her life her on earth will be enjoyable. She has had a few apnea spells while at home. Usually she struggles to bring her heart rate back up when she is going to the bathroom or in a deep sleep. It is always so scary, but she so far has pulled herself out from her spells.

Because we are uncertain of the number of days that we have with Magdalena, the church graciously fit us in the service so that we could baptize Magdalena today. It was our first day as parents to get ourselves and her ready without anyone leaving, and we fed her before leaving home. Magdalena's family along with her mommy and daddy were so happy to have been able to celebrate such a glorious day with her. On the previous post Lori figured out how to create a slide show with the pictures from the Baptism. (Thanks, Loli!)


  1. She adores her mommy. You can just see it in her precious eyes! Thank you for the many pictures and praying for your peace and comfort.

  2. That picture of you bathing her! I think it may be my favorite one so far. She is just in love with you!!! Will continue to pray that God upholds you and Noah...

  3. Jennifer Hurt Williams4:43 PM

    The song says it all...INDESCRIBABLE! Absolutely AMAZING....enjoy every precious moment.


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