Saturday, August 16, 2008

Today's Visitors and Tomorrow's BIG meeting

Uncle Adam and Magdalena

Daniel (to the left behind wall), Carter, Katie, and Addie

Today Magdalena had some friends and Uncle Adam to come say hello and give her some sweet love, so I wanted to share some pictures. Today Magdalena is continuing to improve the amount of food that she digests. She has a small tube in her nose that helps for her to intake when she has trouble taking the amount of needed calories by mouth. Magdalena's sweet nurse for today, Sondra, sat and explained so much that will be happening in the upcoming days and some of the things that we might need for her arrival.
Tomorrow Noah and I will be meeting with Magdalena's doctor to learn about her home health care. On Monday night (and possibly Tuesday) Noah and I will be spending the night in the hospital to be able to care for Magdalena in a private room but having the nurses nearby. When everyone feels comfortable she will come home, which we are planning to be Wednesday, but we have learned that you just can't plan too much in this situation.
I hope to write you more tomorrow with more on Magdalena's sweet care and all that will be happening when I better understand it myself.

Please pray for both Noah and me as we learn the special care that Magdalena will need, that our minds will be at peace and that this will allow us some rest in the small amount of time that we will need, to remain relying on him, and that God will give us the patience, strength, and plenty of hydration (for all the tears that will be shed by me when trying to learn and thinking of how I am so inadequate for this special little baby's care). -Julie


  1. Julie, y'all are in our prayers more than once every day! You are such a great mother and I have no doubts that where you are inadequate, God will see you through. He made no mistake in choosing you and Noah to be Magdalena's parents. Just remember that. And thank you for letting Carter and Addie have the chance to peer at her through that window. They have asked so many times and it was such a blessing for them to really get to meet your sweet girl!

  2. You are so...not inadequate! You must actually be...more than adequate because...God chose you to gift this precious one to! I am not by any means understating what she is daunting...but you definitely have what it takes....can't wait to hear more.

  3. We're all inadequate, Julie, but for some reason, God still gives us these precious little people to care for. He will give you both all that you need. We are praying lots and hoping for Wednesday!
    The McKinneys

  4. Julie-

    I am so blessed to come to your site and see all of the amazing pictures of your sweet, precious Magdalena. Several of my friends who have also walked this road have mentioned your story to me and I just wanted to let you know we will be praying for your family. I am so encouraged to see her doing so well... thriving in the care at the hospital and soon at home with you... what a beautiful gift!

    My husband and I just walked a very similar road. In January of this year our second son, Maddox Donald, was born with T18. We found out at 18 weeks gestation, at the end of Septemeber, and have been trying to remain faithful in all that the Lord has called us to do for our son since that day. He barely made it through birth and was able to look at his earthly daddy once before he went to be with Jesus. These last 6 months have been heartbreaking and yet so beautiful. It is amazing how a little child only 3 lbs can bring so much joy, so much faith, so much love and so much trust into your life. We have been so blessed by those that have surrounded us and I pray the same is true for you!

    May God keep Magdalena safe in His protection and allow you so much precious time with her. She is beautiful!

    Love much and praying,
    Kenzie Stanfield

  5. Jacob and I are praying for you and your family. We read the blog daily.

  6. Julie-I know God will give you all you need...each moment of every day. He will equip you to care for Magdalena, as He has chosen to give her to your beautiful family.

    I, too, remember thinking how I will ever be able to care for our son, Joshua...and handle his special needs of T18? But God surrounded us with people to support us and even a neighbor who was a NICU nurse who helped us along the way. She was an angel from God. He, too, will give you all that and more. And as you care for Magdalena, each day, the care will get a little easier and become more routine. And as her needs change, God's mercy and strength will be new each day. He will give the wisdom you need with each decision and each step of her care.

    I will continue praying for Magdalena and your whole family.

    In Christ's love-Stacy

  7. I am praying for your family...Magdalena is such a jewel! Hang in there Mommy :)

  8. Aimee8:26 PM

    Wow...coming home Wednesday! That is such awesome news! Have faith (which I know you have loads of) God would not have given you your precious Magdalena if you were inadequate. It will be a challenge but you can do it!

  9. Anonymous1:07 AM

    Dear Julie,

    You are the PERFECT mother for Magdalena! So much so that God chose just you for her! She is precious and blessed to have you and Noah for her loving parents.
    Warm regards,
    James, Brenda & Logan

  10. Inadequate?!?!? are the PERFECT people to take care of her! God did not give her to the nurses or doctors or home care.....HE gave her to YOU! You are perfect and adequate for the job and God has such a special plan for your family and you are living it. Embrace it all and learn it with confidence that this whole experience is a GIFT from the Lord. God Bless you both. Karen


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