Thursday, August 07, 2008

Morning update 08-07-08

After a long day for Noah and Julie, both got some much needed rest last night. Last night, the NICU nurses let them know that they were going to try to feed Magdalena with a bottle this morning for the first time. And low and behold, at 5:30am Julie was able to feed her by bottle!!! Pictures will follow later since we were not at the hospital when this occured. She was taken off the CPAP after the feeding to see how she did today without it. So..that's two requests that can be taken off of the list!!!! Here are a couple of other items that we can add in their place:

- That Julie and Noah will continue to receive the rest they need.

- That Magdalena will continue to make progress, by way of continuing to take her bottle and staying off the CPAP.

- That Julie will have a speedy recovery from the C-Section.

- That Magdalena will feel no pain as she continues to progress.

I'll send another update a little later.

Know that you are loved!

Uncle Stephen


  1. In prayer for all of this and praising Him for such wonderful gifts!

  2. We will praying for you tonight at the Bible Study. We love you and wanted you to know that we are all here for you and your family.
    Love, The RTS Wives.

  3. Hi Julie, Noah & Family,
    I'm a complete stranger living in Phoenix, AZ, but have been following Magdalena's story for the last two months. You all are amazing, as is your new daughter.

  4. Hey y'all!

    Praise God! Maybe I'm not taking this verse correctly, but I'm leaning on James 5:15, when it says that the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well. So I am trusting Him to heal Magdalena based on this verse. I am praying for you guys and love you!


  5. We will be praying!

  6. Noah and Julie,
    Rachel and I rejoice with you during this time. What a beautiful baby girl! We are praising God and praying for all of you. Nettie even offered up a special prayer for Magdelena last night and has been eagerly awaiting updates. We will keep praying...

  7. God Bless you on the birth of your precious daughter, Magdalena. I just had to write because my middle name is Magdalena and it's not a common name. Also, my son David's birthday is August 6th. I have been following your story for about 1 month now. Congratulations!! Your family will be in my prayers.


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