Monday, February 06, 2006

What we THINK we deserve

During the last month, Ayve, my roommate, and I have moved to her late aunt’s house. Before we moved in, there was some work that had to be done on the house because it had not been lived in for almost two years. Everything went smoothly until we ran out of gas for the water heater. It seemed as if everything went down hill from there. Taking one cold shower was no big deal, but little did I realize that it would be the last shower in our house for awhile. We bought a new gas tank, but couldn’t understand why we had no cold water. The water supply had run dry! There were problems with the city’s water lines so there was nothing that we could do to fix it. After awhile it became frustrating. You don’t realize how vital something is in your life until it is taken away from you. Katrina changed many of your lives forever.
It takes something as simple as water to say “Wake Up! You are forgetting from where this water comes!” God has blessed my life so much during the last 24 years, but I forget to thank Him for EVERYTHING. I become arrogant to think that I deserve this water, food, or chocolate, and I don’t see it as a blessing.