Friday, October 28, 2011

Bringing Him our Sorrow

Since January 2009 I have buried my daughter, my grandfather, and two grandmothers.  Each death was different and I handled them differently.  The after effects shook my world differently too.  With every death I have realized there is only one Comfort, and when it is too hard to pray or worship, the Holy Spirit intervenes for me so that I can feel a peace that only God can give.  

One obvious blessing when pain strikes is that I have been given an amazing family.  Together we unite, cry, laugh, and mourn.  As Lori stood next to Grandmom's casket we could hear her voice telling Lori "I don't see how you are wearing those heals".    As we patted her puffy hair one last time, we all reminisced at how that used to aggravate her.  Together we hold the memories of a woman who impacted each of our lives, and how through her life and death we are changed.  She would want us to worship God, and would fuss at us for shedding so many tears.  

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Grandmom is with her 5th grade sweetheart and my Magdalena right now dancing.  She is elderly, but it all came as a surprise to everyone.  My heart feels so tight that sometimes I think it is going to explode because I miss her so much, and I can't believe that she has left us.  My grandmother, known as Grandmom to everyone, was known by everyone for  her sweet heart and amazing southern cooking.  When I was pregnant with Magdalena she began to experiment and perfected frying pickles for me.  She made everyone their favorite foods despite how tired she was.  Now, as we clean her house I keep waiting for her to pop around the corner telling us to get out of her kitchen so that we can talk. 

Grandmom came over often to snuggle with Magdalena.  Oh, how she loved her snuggles.

This looks like an innocent picture, but it isn't.  Grandmom does not like her picture to be taken.  I think that she finally realized that she couldn't fight it.  We all had to get our pictures with her.

Grandmom was just as happy as I was that we got to take this picture of the two of them with Magdalena.  He kept commenting on how little she was.  I don't know if he fully understood that she was sick, or if he was sad when she died.  He died two weeks after she did.

Since I started Grandmom's Facebook page for her, I put this picture of the two of us as her profile pic.  She never changed it.

Walt loved her some Walt time.  Here she helped us celebrate his first birthday!

This picture makes me laugh because Grandmom's birthday is in January, but we didn't do the official celebration until two months later!

Looks like Grandmom is helping Walt cheat finding his egg.  She must have learned a few tricks from Granddad when he would sneak food off of our plates so that we wouldn't have to eat our vegetables.

I am still sitting here speechless not believing I won't see her again.  If you see me walking around mumbling it's because I am talking with her.  
Praise God that this isn't the end, but to see her again feels so far away!  

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Magdalena's Beach

I finally remembered to order this picture!  A sweet family in Australia takes these pictures for families who have lost a child, and it is just beautiful! 
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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Walt's Party

The train theme came at a time of crisis.  Walt was throwing up the night before I had intended to get the invitations.  It was a week until the party, so I lacked time.  During his nap I found a picture invite online with a train on it and the rest is history.  
Everyone ate Walt's favorite food, a crustless peanut butter and jelly sandwich and cheetos.  

I was so nervous that the cake wasn't going to turn out, or we would drop it on the way to the park!

Walt dressed as an engineer!

Walt and his cousin

All of the kids wore a bandanna 

Caroline wrapped an Elmo doll that she had found in the closet and drew these pictures for Walt.

Walt's sweet friend that lives next door drew this picture for Walt. 

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Sunday, October 02, 2011

LOTS of pics

I haven't blogged much since I have started working.  Learning to balance it all is tough!  We are gradually learning a system that works well for us now!  Looking back I realized how much I have not shared so here are a few of my favorite pictures from August and September.

We took this cake to the special NICU nurses for Magdalena's birthday.  Some have left, but whether they helped Magdalena or know us doesn't matter.  There are so many babies whose lives are affected by their daily work. 

Walt acted shy around Nurse Wren

We had an intimate family gathering to recognize August 6th, Magdalena's special day.  Everyone came over for a pink brunch!  Everything was pink, and of course there were cupcakes!

Loli made pink muffins!

Walt got to spend the night for the first time with Caroline, Emma, Loli, and Stephen while Noah and I celebrated our anniversary at a bed and breakfast.  Walt had a BLAST!  He stayed up late, ate ice cream, and he loves his cousins!

We proudly watched Lori ran her first 5K!  She worked hard all summer for this moment, so we cheered her on with "Team Lori" t-shirts.

My sweet neighbor who is 7 years old painted this for me.  She never met Magdalena, but with her sweet heart she remembered her in this picture of our family.  You can see that she is in the baby carrier to the right of Walt.

Walt likes to wear my shoes when he finds them lying around the house. Maybe he is trying to tell me that I should pick up after myself.

And Walt continues to enjoy reading.  Although it is in a language I don't understand, he reads all of his books aloud.

Sweet friend time is the best!  Katie and I met while I was pregnant with Magdalena, and she has continued to be a sweet friend to me.  We caught up while "painting".  

Noah was able to get us some tickets to see Georgia Bulldogs play!  And we won!

Walt and me watching Handy Manny

Noah made a pancake in the shape of a 2 for Walt's birthday breakfast.

 Walt was the first one to stand on his picture when lining up at school!
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