Sunday, October 09, 2011

Walt's Party

The train theme came at a time of crisis.  Walt was throwing up the night before I had intended to get the invitations.  It was a week until the party, so I lacked time.  During his nap I found a picture invite online with a train on it and the rest is history.  
Everyone ate Walt's favorite food, a crustless peanut butter and jelly sandwich and cheetos.  

I was so nervous that the cake wasn't going to turn out, or we would drop it on the way to the park!

Walt dressed as an engineer!

Walt and his cousin

All of the kids wore a bandanna 

Caroline wrapped an Elmo doll that she had found in the closet and drew these pictures for Walt.

Walt's sweet friend that lives next door drew this picture for Walt. 

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  1. Precious Walt! You are such a sweet mom, Julie and you did a great job, as usual!

  2. Great party! Thanks for sharing your creative ideas. I just cannot believe Walt is two!


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