Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Little Sleep with a BIG blessing

We are in the hospital for a few nights so that we can learn how to care for Magdalena with her special needs. Tonight we have learned to feed her by using a syringe, and tomorrow the at home health center will come to the hospital to show us how to use the mechanical pump. I was so excited that there was an alternative way to feeding her for the times that we would be at church, Mimi and Papa's house, etc. Although tonight has been tiring, it has been fun and emotional with so much enjoyment. Through this short time already I feel more comfortable with many things that I have to do. However, when she is taking in less oxygen or her heart rate goes down my heart just sinks as the loud buzzer sounds realizing how much I will have to learn how to recognize it without all of the hospital machinery.

Earlier this evening Magdalena's heart rate continued to rise, and I realized that this had never happened in front of the nurses. I had no idea what to do! We called the NICU nurse who has been teaching us, and after checking her diaper we realized that she was just making a big present for her daddy!

Tomorrow is a big day for Noah and I as we have to have many emotional discussions that will remind us that our daughter is sick, and we will be learning more technological things associated with caring for her. Thank you so much for all of your prayers!

When looking at her I am shown what a blessing it is to be a parent, and that she is a gift from God made especially for us.


  1. Anonymous2:28 AM

    I'm so excited for y'all!! It won't take long for y'all to recognize what which alarm means. And thank goodness for the mechanical pump!! Keep up the good work!! God is good ALL the time and ALL the time God is good!! Oh, if you want my cell phone number for questions or concerns about Magdalena's care then just let me know. Take care!! ~Alanda J.

  2. Hi Julie,
    You, Noah and Magdalena have friends thinking about you in Phoenix.

  3. Julie & Noah! I am so encouraged to hear that y'all are learning so well how to care for Magdalena's needs. And I'm chuckling about the big "present" she made. Isn't it hilarious how precious those gifts become? Love y'all!

  4. So many prayers your way! Praying for your peace when time to bring her home. Cathy & Annabel

  5. Once again, all I can say is Amazing!! All of you are so Amazing!! I love you all so much!!

  6. She is sooo BEAUTIFUL! God will give you all the knowledge and strength that you will need. I will continue to pray.

  7. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Julie & Noah,

    Thank you for keeping all of us updated on Magdalena's progress. Your baby girl is such a fighter! I will be praying for you in the coming days as you take your BEAUTIFUL angel home. May she bless Mommy & Daddy with many, many more "big presents!" :-)

    Alyson Dale

  8. Being a parent, has you speaking of things you probably never thought you would( poo ) Wait until you smell her bottom to confirm it! So glad you are experiencing these things.
    More prayers from Arizona.

  9. Praying for your hearts as well as sweet Magdalena.

  10. Hi Julie & Noah! I came across your blog today by way of a friends blog. I wanted to let you know how amazing Magdalen's story is. She truly is a strong little girl and is a blessing to your family. We are praying for you in Meridian, MS.

  11. Anonymous8:13 PM

    Can you ask for a pulse oximeter for the home? Families of children with apnea go home with those all the time. In fact, it will work better than an apnea monitor at helping you know "what" it is alarming for, like if her breathing slowed down so her oxygen level drops, you can see the low oxygen. You also can see when it goes back up if you reposition her or help her breathe, if necessary. Even if you go home without one, you can ask her pediatrician. Also, if you have not already left, you can ask for the "bag-mask" thing they use in the hospital to help her breathe if she doesn't start again on her own from repositioning. I know they probably made you learn CPR and you can do mouth-to-mouth, but the bag thing is also an easy thing to use.

  12. Julie and Noah - just wanted y'all to know that I've been praying for you and will continue as you learn all kinds of new stuff in caring for Magdalena. It's amazing how Caroline's car seat looks so huge with Magdalena in it!

    Much love,
    Dee Dee

  13. Wow, another Princess!
    Magdalena, you are truly royalty!
    thank you God for letting the whole world share her with her parents this way.
    She is truly perfect.
    The Bernard Bunch loves you lots little girl!

  14. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Magdalena is a beautiful little girl. You are right, what a BIG blessing she is. I have found that BIG blessings often times come in small packages and are usually wrapped quite uniquely. We to were blessed in the same way. However, we only had minutes with our AJ. May God give you grace for each moment, as you prepare to take little Madalena home. Just love her with all your might and the rest will fall into place!

    Autumn Walton

  15. Thinking of you often!

  16. Magdalena is so beautiful...praying God's strength upon you each and every day!

  17. What a blessing to see this little miracle and know that God heard all the prayers for her. He is so good and I am so thankful to see a little glimpse of my prayers answered. Bless your family. My prayers continue.

    Laurie in Ca.

  18. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Julie and Noah,

    We are so excited to hear that you will be bringing little Magdalena home tomorrow! I know you must be so anxious and a little nervous, too, but I know you and Noah are going to be wonderful parents. We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers!


    Stan and Fran

  19. Anonymous11:41 PM

    Prayers are being sent your way. God is Good and has shown himself in your situation. May he bless you with many miracles on precious Magdalena.


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