Thursday, August 07, 2008

And the Blessings Multiply

As you are probably aware by now, I don't have access to the this website during the day so my husband briefly updates it while I'm at school to makes sure everyone is aware of the latest news on Magdalena, Julie, and Noah - since it changes so often. I was awakened this morning (technically Thursday morning) by a text message from Julie at 6:34 am saying she had just finished feeding Magdalena her bottle. As you can imagine, I jumped out of the bed squealing that I had just typed that prayer request a little earlier and God had already answered it! I couldn't help but go back to school this morning with a bounce in my step! So, let me go in a little more detail about today's exciting events:
1. Magdalena drank her first bottle this morning (I believe around 11 cc's).
2. She has not had to get back on the C-PAP at all since last night.
3. Noah gave Magdalena her first bath and put clothes on her!
4. Although she only drank about 2 cc's each time, she still attempted to drink from her bottle at each feeding.
5. Magdalena doesn't have the hole in her heart that they thought was there.
6. Julie and Noah were able to stay in the NICU alot today to spend precious time with Magdalena!!!
7. At her 8:00 feeding she drank between 11 and 13 cc's.
8. SHE IS COMPLETELY OFF OF ALL BREATHING DEVICES (This happened after I left tonight!)

God is an amazing God and His blessings have continued to multiply with Magdalena. It's so wonderful to watch Julie hold her, rock her, and to just be a mother.

So, we ask that you specifically pray for the following:
1. Magdalena continues to breathe like she is suppose to without any devices.
2. Magdalena will continue to drink from her bottle - specifically that the nurses will be able to find some smaller nipples for the bottles. Magdalena's mouth is so tiny that we believe that is the hardest part of the bottle for her.
3. Julie and Noah will find peaceful rest.
4. Julie and Noah will continue to enjoy this time they have with Magdalena - most of it privately.
5. The doctors and nurses will continue doing such an outstanding job taking care of my girls.
6. Julie will be in the least amount of pain as possible.

Beautiful mother and daughter

This is from the 5:00pm feeding, not her first feeding - but it
is still an answered prayer!

A beautiful family photo

This gown is actually a preemie and it is extremely too big!

This is like a papoose that helps keep Magdalena swaddled.

Caroline and Emma getting to see their baby cousin, Magdalena,
for the first time. Once again, there is the amazing Diane holding
Caroline up to see!


  1. Don't know exactly how I got to this site...
    What a beautiful couple with a beautiful baby!

  2. What a great God we serve! Praying!

  3. God is watching over you little girl. You are perfect.
    The Bernard Bunch

  4. Thak you for all the photos. your always in our thoughts and prayers.
    We love you,
    Justin and Laura Estrada

  5. I don't think I've ever seen a baby that I thought "she's glorifying God in all that she does," but that is what I think when I see Magdalena. What a beautiful baby, beautiful parents! So much to be thankful for. Remaining in prayer...

  6. Just wanted to leave you a note about the bottle. When Annabel was born she only took the preemie nipple (red one from the hospital). Also, don't know if she could use this bottle called the Haberman Feeder. It worked for Annabel early on. If you can get the hospital to help you locate the Haberman bottle I could do some research very quickly and find one for you. Blessing to your family and prayers never ceasing. Cathy & Annabel

  7. This is Erin Jones Schmidt, Julie's friend from college. I'm sitting here in front of my computer crying tears of joy. Thank you God! What an amazing blessing!

  8. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Julie and Noah,
    She is beautiful. Thank you for sharing her with all of us. I am also thankful that God is answering so many prayers that we all have been praying for your family. Enjoy your precious little girl.
    Chip and Rachel Wall
    Hattiesburg, MS

  9. Julie, my Mom wanted to let you know that she "surely does look perfect!" You're all in her prayers too!

  10. O my gosh she is so precious!!! I just got back from church camp and our speaker/pastor, Jon Gillis was telling us about your story. I was so amazed that I had to see your blog for my self. I will be frequently praying for you both and magdalena!!!


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