Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Peaceful Day

Today was an encouraging day for Julie and Noah. Magdalena had two dirty diapers this morning in a short period of time - so that showed she is digesting the food from the tube in her nose. Also, by the end of the afternoon, Magdalena had been taken off oxygen completely and her heartbeat was staying steady.

Jennifer, our other sister, was feeling excluded because I have not put a picture of her with Magdalena on the blog. Of course, until today they had all been taken with her camera so I didn't have one of her. This afternoon, we were able to spend a little sister time in the room with Julie. It's always nice when the three of us get together - it just has a calming effect.

Julie, Gigi, and Magdalena
A Special Friend
One of my friends, Teresa , and her daughter, Macala, came to the hospital this afternoon with a special project in mind. Teresa had the clay and got Magdalena's handprints and footprints so Julie and Noah will have them as a keepsake. She also brought some tiles and painted the bottom of Magdalena's foot to get her footprint. It was so sweet of her to take the time to make these special gifts for Julie and Noah.

Magdalena's footprints
Getting her handprint

The awesome nurse Diane jumping in
to help with painting Magdalena's feet.
Capturing her footprint
Noah's Family
Noah's family have been here since Monday night and Sarah, his sister, arrived on the Thursday before that. They left this afternoon to go back home. I know that Julie and Noah appreciated them being here so much and glad they were able to spend some time with Magdalena.
Paul, Bonnie, and Sarah with Magdalena
Special Note:
As a side note, tomorrow (Monday) is Julie's birthday. It will be such a bittersweet day for her as she spends the day Magdalena. Please pray that they will have a special day together and create memories that Julie will always remember.
And, finally, tomorrow (Monday) is also our parents' anniversary and our grandparents' anniversary.


  1. Happy Birthday to you Julie and what a blessed day that you can spend with Magdalena. She is absolutely beautiful and so perfect. Praying for many, many more days, too many to count. Cathy & Annabel

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day! So glad y'all were able to have this special time. I was wondering when we'd see a picture of Jennifer. :)

  3. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Happy Birthday Julie! We hope you and Noah have a wonderful day with little Magdalena!

    Love you,

    Stan and Fran

  4. Happy Birthday, Julie!!! What a wonderful gift God has blessed you with for this birthday. Hope you have a wonderful, "good news filled" birthday.

  5. Happy birthday Julie! Know you are loved by so many. We hope you have wonderful day!

    Sam & Shirley

  6. Happy Birthday Julie! I love you guys and am staying vigilant with prayer. Magdalena is so beautiful. I loved seeing her with all her cousins. Take care! With Love, Kristin

  7. Happy Birthday Julie. Rachel and I enjoyed spending some time with you last night in the hospital. I hope you both got some rest and enjoyed some time together as a family and couple. I have to say, as beautiful as Magdalena was in the pictures, it did not compare with the privilege to see her up close and soak in the moment as she laid there peacefully in her mommy and daddy's arms. Thanks for that memory and your family's testimony. Praise be to God. Rachel, the girls and me will continue praying.

  8. Julie, I stumbled across your blog by chance today. Your baby is so beautiful and my prayers will be with you. Grace and peace.

    Paula (Blackwell) La

  9. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Happiest of birthdays to you, Julie. SO many prayers are being lifted up for your sweet family and precious little Magdalena. May God pour out his richest blessings on all of you.

    J. Dodd and Bonnie
    Leslie and Zack


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