Friday, November 28, 2008


Although most of Thanksgiving Day is usually spent by Americans stuffing themselves full of turkey, dressing, and whatever is a traditional food for them to eat, it is meant to be a day to reflect upon all there is to be thankful. In the past I have fallen short of realizing how blessed and full my life is, but it truly has been. With Magdalena in my life it is impossible for me not to truly count my blessings. On her 113th day with us she was able to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family. This is truly a miracle. All of her family gathered around to celebrate such a wonderful day.

There are other things that have been on my mind as I begin to reflect how thankful I am for having been able to spend so much time with Magdalena.

I am thankful for...
Noah, an incredible, loving husband who is constantly patient with me.

A country where I can freely go to church and worship.

A life where we are blessed with family.

God always providing for our needs (and sometimes just simple desires).

Work. Having a good work enviroment and being physically able to work.

I pray that I will always remember that these blessings are a gift from God, and that there is nothing that Noah and I have done to deserve any of these things.


  1. Thank you for the reminders of what we are so lucky to be blessed with. Praising God for 113 plus with precious Magdalena.

  2. We are all truly blessed beyond what we deserve. May God make us truly thankful as we enter in to a season that is frought with materialism. I am especially thankful for you, Noah and Magdalena! Love you!


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