Wednesday, November 26, 2008


One year ago today, the day before Thanksgiving, I had surgery on my right ear. At the time I did not know that I was pregnant and it was too early for the doctor to detect it before having the surgery. But it is technically impossible that I was not because there are certain "activities" that I can not do for a certain amount of time. I remember lying there about to go under thinking that I really thought that I was pregnant, but I ignored these thoughts because there had been many times before when I had that feeling that I was pregnant but it was a false alarm. Also, for about two weeks after the surgery I was not allowed to blow my nose, which means that I would end up getting the worst cold ever. The doctor called in some strong medicines that would help me get better faster since I was so stopped up. I would sneak into the bathroom trying to blow my nose just a little bit, but Noah would hear me and get on to me for doing it! Early to mid December when I found out for sure that I was pregnant all of these things that I had done, the surgery and cold medicine, made me fear for the baby. My gynecologist said that he thought everything would be fine because it was so early on in the pregnancy, but if something were to happen it would be a miscarriage. Even then Magdalena showed what a fighter she was and would continue to be.

In March I returned to my ear surgeon, to have a hearing test done to see if it had improved, which it had a little bit but he thought that it could be much better. So I would undergo the surgery one more time. We would wait until after I had the baby, but I needed to make my appointment while my baby would still be little. I can't pick up anything over ten pounds. Because you have to make the appointment months in advance because this doctor is in high demand, I scheduled to have it right before Thanksgiving, just as I had done last year. I did not expect that Magdalena would still be with us. I knew the odds we had against us. But again she is proving me wrong and showing me what a fighter she is. Although I didn't want to go have it done, Noah and I both agreed that it was something we should not put off and to go ahead and have it done. I think that he wants me to be able to hear him clearly when he has something to say!! It is hard for me to ask someone to do some basic things for me, but he is being incredible about it. I can hold and care for Magdalena because of her low weight, but someone first will have to put her in my lap. This will only last for a short period of time, and on December 10th I will return to the doctor to get approved to continue life normally.


  1. Julie we will pray for you that the surgery will be successful, that your recovery will be quick and that you will receive al lthe help needed to continue to care for sweet Magdalena.

    I also want to wish you, Noah and Magdalena a truly BLESSED THANKSGIVING! My what awesome wonders of blessing you have to be truly thankful for!

    Love you!

  2. Yes, she is such a fighter -- and so are you!

  3. Aletha and Eric Snowberger4:14 PM

    Thankful this evening for the wonderful life of your precious little one. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day

  4. Hope the surgery was successful. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. i know this may sound insane but I am sure you have heard it all. My mom knits beautiful premie clothes and doll clothes and smocks both ( my youngest wore them a while to... think we even have a pick with the n.g tube also) I am not crazy stalker girl (promise) I just know how hard those special sizes are to fit. I am sending you my e-mail address. If you just let me know if she is still in preemie or in new born now I would like to send you a few things for her. My mom learned to knit during her battle with cancer a few years ago so she uses it as a minisrty as much as possible.
    Rachel Wilson

  6. Precious Julie,

    I may be reading between the lines but I hope I am not hearing that you are thinking that what you went through and what you took (medicines) had anything to do with your wonderful girl's T-18. Nothing you did had anything to do with her physical condition. I pray you KNOW that.

    I cannot wait to see the pictures and am so excited that God blessed you with these little "presents". I thank God for the "present" of you, Noah and your amazing, adorable Magdalena!!! We all have so much to be thankful for! "In everything give thanks to the Lord!"



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