Monday, November 10, 2008

A full weekend

The weekends are usually my prime time to blog because I have an amazing husband who helps me so much with Magdalena and gives me mind breaks. However, I have used my breaks reading Twilight, a book that my sisters have gotten me involved in. They were reading the series while I was in the hospital having Magdalena, and every time they were together they discussed it. It drove me crazy that I had to get involved in what was so great, and I have to say that I am not at all disappointed!! There is a lot to share, so I hope that I don't leave anything out. Let me start at the beginning of our weekend...

I did not know that Noah took this picture of me, but this is what I was like by Friday...exhausted. Being a new mommy is tough, but Magdalena and I hang in there together even through some nap time! I didn't mean to fall asleep! While the night was still early I woke up and cooked Noah his favorite meal to celebrate his birthday. Although his birthday was Sunday I did this on Friday knowing that it would be possible. That night we ate dinner and watched a movie together.

Also, on Friday, my sister's mother-in-law had been to a market and bought this hat for Magdalena. You can tell how much she loves it! Look at that face! What a fun hat for an incredibly fun girl!

In this picture Magdalena is finally happy that we figured out to roll it up so that it would fit perfectly! She is thinking how crazy her parents are!

Then, Saturday was our big picture day. Andrea came back to the area to take some fall pictures of our family and our precious baby girl! We had the pictures made outside and since my sister, Jennifer, lives near where they were being taken, we spent the afternoon there with her family. Here is Landon, Magdalena's cousin, and Magdalena "napping" in the same bed. (Please do not worry. We did not leave them there in the big bed unattended.) Of course Magdalena is too spoiled to nap in a weird place. Plus, like her mommy, she likes routine.

Taking pictures outside seemed like a good idea when I set up the appointment. I thought that it would be gorgeous, but the day cooled off very fast, and Magdalena did NOT like being out in the cold. Who can blame her? So we did what we could, but she still did not show off her big blue eyes as much as I would have liked. I can't wait to see the pictures! On our way home we stopped by Barnes and Noble so that I could get the second book to the Twilight series. Obviously Magdalena did not go in because of how tired she was! Look at that sweet face!

Then, we were so happy to have Magdalena with us to help us celebrate Noah turning one year older on Sunday...should I reveal his age? Noah and I met in Mexico, where we were both serving as missionaries. He had been there a few years already, so he used this to his advantage to teach me the ropes of the place and to get me hooked. We were married about a year after we met and returned to Mexico for one more year to serve. God has blessed me with an amazing, patient man, who continues to love me in spite of all of my flaws, and he makes me want to be a more godly woman so that I can be a better wife for him. Sometimes, like last night, I want to cry watching him with Magdalena. Not tears of sadness. But amazement. How could I have gotten such a wonderful man and daddy? We bathed Magdalena, and he was bent over the bath tub, sleeves getting wet, making sure that there were two firm hands near her at all times while she was trying to wiggly off of her sponge. It was so sweet. Magdalena had a fun time soaking in her bubble bath while her daddy talked to her! Here is a picture right after her bath, snuggled in her towel. She didn't cry even as she felt the cold air when being out of the warm water. She knew her daddy would keep her safe, warm, and snuggle time with him was coming.

Look at that cute look she is giving and that double chin!!

Before Magdalena took her bath I meant to get a picture of her and Noah together. She wore this t-shirt for the very special day! Thankfully, Noah took this picture of her napping. Look at that little belly poking out! We are so proud of her for gaining weight!


  1. oh she is so so sweet!
    I love the double chin!
    And I need to get a bed like that!
    How much is she weighing these days?

  2. Hey Julie,

    I read TWILIGHT also this weekend. You would not believe how many people are reading it at school -- it is insane!!! So i decided to see what all the fuss was all about. It was not what i expected it to be, i thought it would be more "adultish", but i enjoyed it. I'm getting one of my students to lend me the rest of them in English.

    Btw, last night we went out for coffee with Rodrigo and Ines and they remembered Noah's bday -- happy bday Noah!

    I enjoy reading the blog. I never leave any comments or anything, but i am always checking it out.

    PS: You need to come down to Merida before we leave in July. Maybe for graduation :)

    Lauren A.

  3. Such sweet pictures. Being a new mommy is tough!...but amazing too! You sounds like you are doing an amazing job. Where were you in Mexico. My husband and I (and 2 kids) also served in Mexico. We were in Vicente Guerrero on the Baja a few hours south of Ensenada. We worked at an orphanage. We love it there and miss Mexico...especially the food. :) Have I told you we love her name. We new a little Magdalena at the orphanage. Her mom worked there so she was a "staff kid" and really befriended our two little ones.

  4. Oh Julie, I just love reading your blogs about your sweet family. They are such an encouragement to me. I loved especially reading about Noah giving Magdalena her bath. What a good daddy he is, and you are a great mom too! I remember how exhausting it was being a mom of young children, and am glad that you were able to dose off too.

  5. Miss Personality, isn't she?! And absolutely adorable too!

  6. Twilight is awesome but New Moon is even better. I am holding out buying the third and fourth because they are only in hard cover. Not sure how long I will know how curious I am. I have been trying to get Kim to read them too!

  7. I think this is one of my favorite posts so far. Y'all just seem to be enjoying her so much. What a sweet, chubby angel! :)

    I'm glad you're reading the Twilight books. Now we can discuss the plot together!

  8. Oh, Julie. I love seeing her double chin and tummy! God is so good to Miss Magdalena. And to you!

  9. What a wonderful post. I love all of the photos but really love the ones with her belly and double chin. Who knew fat can be so cute!! ;) Happy late Birthday Noah!

  10. I absolutely L-O-V-E the hat!

  11. Erin Jones Schmidt11:08 AM

    Who would have ever thought we would love bellies and double chins so much!? That hat is awesome! It reminds me of Elle Woods. I'm so glad Magdalena gets to have such fun girly experiences! I know she loves it!

  12. You have really captured some amazing photos of Magdalena, and of the two of you with her. It's obvious how much you cherish her--what a sweet girl!

  13. I am crying tears of joy. What a blessed family you are and have with each other. Thank you for letting us share through pictures your weekend. Praising God for the beautiful life of Magdalena!

  14. I read this post last night. The pictures are so cute I can really tell she is gaining weight!! When I finished my aunt arrived for a week visit and she had the book Twilight. Strange cause I had read about it on your blog minutes before she arrived!! Thought i would share.


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