Sunday, November 23, 2008

Giving...Just because they can

This is Magdalena after she had her picture made with Santa Claus. I had wanted to find her a Christmas dress, but it is so hard to find her size! Thursday night I saw this dress on Caroline's doll, and Caroline generously let Magdalena borrow all of her doll dresses. The other dress has a birthday cake on it, which almost made me cry. Caroline and Emma had a smocked birthday dress, and I kept trying to find one for Magdalena for all of her birthday celebrations, but again, I had no luck when it came to finding her size. Lori told Caroline how she had just made my day by letting Magdalena borrow all of her doll dresses. Noah is working so hard to finish up some work this week, so Magdalena and I hung with our family outside of the house. He would get much more done without her beautiful face distracting him! On Saturday Noah and I went to take Magdalena to meet Santa Claus at Photo Images. As we were walking in the door I saw that they are "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep" photographers (link on sidebar), which made me very happy! So few people know about that incredible organization. I introduced them to Magdalena, but I never really said anything about her syndrome or her life. We just showed her off, especially since she was wearing a beautiful Christmas dress! Although I was scared to order Christmas cards, I had realized Friday night that it was time to begin considering what we would do, and Photo Images had some options. We decided to make some with Magdalena and Santa Claus because they turned out so well. She loved looking at Santa's red suit! I am not sure why, but they did not charge us for the Christmas cards. I ordered 100 of them! I have to say that I was shocked, and I left there still not feeling like expressed my true gratitude to them. I have thought continuously over the weekend why someone would be so kind not even knowing our situation. God gave this to me. Not Noah. Not the people receiving the cards. This act was done for me. I am such a card sender for every holiday, and sharing Magdalena is one of my biggest joys. This gift left me speechless because it was intended to continue to awe me how God provides for us even with things that are not "necessities" but pleasures.

Giver two on Saturday came in the form of a sewer who doesn't know me, but knows about Magdalena. Realizing how much trouble we were having finding dresses, she made Magdalena two dresses. Magdalena will grow into them within the next month if she continues at the rate that she is going at now.

Lastly, my oldest niece, Caroline, was with my mom, her sister and other cousin at Build a Bear in the mall. They were having fun creating their own animals when Magdalena and I showed up after having her picture made. Caroline named her stuffed animal Magdalena Roberts. Then, at the end of the night she wanted her monkey to go home with Magdalena. She said it was the best one that she had ever made, and she wanted Magdalena to have it. I wanted to encourage her giving, but I also didn't want her to go without her monkey (which is her favorite animal). So we decided that the monkey would sleep at our house tonight and she could play with Magdalena and the monkey on Sunday in the car. Also, Caroline had just gotten upset because Magdalena had thrown up. She had said a couple of times that she was sad and she didn't want Magdalena to die. With little success, I tried to explain that all babies throw up, and Magdalena had gotten fed too quickly, and that it was because of this that she threw up. She would be fine for now. But Caroline did not believe me. I didn't want her feelings in this situation cause her to give Magdalena her monkey because she does so many other things for her, like, find plant bulbs in playgrounds!
Noah really had some good study time, but at this point in the semester it is hard to get a lot done in that short amount of time. We were glad to finally get home to him at the end of the day! We are a blessed family to have so many people in our lives who have used their talents to make everything smoother for us! Thanks to all of the many people and for all of the prayers sent up!
Magdalena was such a sweet girl while I pushed her around. Of course, that didn't last too long because she loves to be snuggled by her Mimi!Magdalena and her Mimi returning to the car


  1. What a day..what a story! She is awesome!

  2. What a sweet time -- and such sweet people! All of this shows how babies like Magdalena bring out the best in people and show us even moreso what a wonderful God we belong to...

  3. Adorable, and what a great holiday story!

  4. What a beautiful little girl.

    Love you Magdalena!


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