Sunday, November 16, 2008

Old Friends

Today a college friend came to meet Magdalena. I met Dawn my sophomore year in college, and we, along with two other friends, hung out and watched the Golden Girls, and often times we compared our personalities to the ladies on the show. Our girls nights out where always a blast! No matter how much time passes without seeing each other it feels like we pick up where we left off. She is an incredible friend to me.

Dawn and her husband brought their 5 week old son, Joseph, so that we could meet him too!


  1. The "pick up where you left off" friends are the best! So glad that you have people around you who love you and magdalena through all the joys and uncertainties.

  2. I'm loving seeing all the pics, but it's making me miss her and making me all the more impatient to shake the sore throat! I'm gonna see y'all soon!!!!

  3. I am SO GLAD that Dawn and her family came to visit you! What wonderful memories to treasure! Maybe one day you "golden girls" can all get together again! I have such special memories of you girls living in the dorm and then the slumber party we had at my house! What fun! Love you!

  4. Santa @ Photo Images6:05 PM

    Santa enjoyed the opportunity to provide a little joy in Magdalena life with the red suit on Saturday. A truly moving day for me. May God bless all of you.


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