Saturday, November 15, 2008

100 Day Birthday Party

Magdalena loved the balloon that Mimi and Papa gave her. She held onto it, and looked at it the entire night!

My sisters, Lori and Jennifer, and I loving on Magdalena together
My oldest sister, Lori (Loli to Magdalena), is always so thoughtful. It is partly because she has had more life experience and partly because it is just her nature. She thinks of all of the small details that makes things extra special. She made Magdalena a birthday cake, found candles for it, and arranged everything. I could not have asked for a better big sis! Our family party was such a fun celebration, and Magdalena got a lot of "first" gifts. Mimi and Papa gave her the first big girl dress that she can wear (size newborn), Gigi gave her the first piece of jewelry, a cross necklace (and a high school musical card which sings to her), Loli gave her the first pair of shoes, and Caroline made her a card and thoughtfully gave her a plant from the playground and stuffed animal that she won at the fair.
We had an exciting day knowing that our precious daughter has lived to celebrate such a momentous occasion.


  1. Tracy from MKE11:21 AM

    How blessed you are to have all of these days with your precious baby girl. I came across your blog by accident a few weeks ago and have been following Magdalena ever since. All I have to say to her is: YOU GO GIRL!

  2. happy 100th b-day! What a great day

  3. I am so happy to read this post! Congrats to you Magdalena!

  4. What a blessing she is! I'm so glad you've had 100 days together. Your joy shines through!

  5. Celebrating with you!

  6. Anonymous8:56 PM

    Thank you for sharing pictures from the celebration of Magdalena's 100 beautiful days! I pray you have many more days like this one!


    Mrs. P.

  7. I have been a long-time blog "stalker" of yours and your sweet, sweet Magdalena. I just wanted to say HAPPY 100 BIRTHDAY Magdalena. Your story has touched me so much and I love starting or ending my day checking in on you, sweet tiny girl. And to you, Julie and Noah- you guys are doing such an amazing job. My daughter had a feeding tube for about a month and when I was reading about Magdalena pulling hers out- oh it brought back memories! Be thankful you have that nurse-- ER visits to replace it does not constitute an emergency in their minds so would take forever- and once she pulled it out 3 times in one WEEK!! Anyways- she is just beautiful and such an amazing little girl. Thank you for sharing your story and your amazing joy.

  8. Hi!! i'm so happy to know that you are ok and that Magdalena is with you!
    i have been reading your blog and it is beautiful! i'd love to hug Magdalena, i hope i can do it as soon as possible.
    i love you so much!!


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