Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Magdalena's Forgiveness

As Magdalena grows we continue to have to increase her feedings. As of yesterday, she now intakes almost three ounces every three hours (when we brought her home she took only one ounce). We are still learning how to know when to increase it and when she is showing signs that she is hungry. Her first feeding of the day we always give NG, which means we let her continue to sleep while we put it into her tummy through the tube. All other times we let her suck out of the bottle as much as she is able to before tiring, and we feed the rest to her through the tube. This morning I am not sure what I did different, but I put the large amount of formula too quickly into her belly. I realized this because she had a major spit up problem while on our bed, which is not at all normal for her. She was very upset by this, but after a bit of time she forgave me. Much more quickly than I had expected. We changed her clothes again and put the sheets in the washer, and she cuddled with me while giving me those big blues eyes. It was the best forgiveness time that I have ever gotten.

As Magdalena gets older she is beginning to do some things that normal babies do, but being new and overprotective parents we aren't sure how to handle certain situations. While at my sister's house on Saturday I realized that she was able to lay her baby down and get ready and her baby, Landon, was content. I thought that we must begin trying this sort of thing. Yesterday I did this for the first time and it worked! Magdalena was awake and I propped her up on her daddy's pillow in our bed. She loved it! I watched her while I was drying my hair and putting on my makeup, and she just continued to look around being perfectly content. She truly enjoys the big bed. She was doing well again today, but then the spit up came because of the quickly given formula.

As a whole, Magdalena seems to feel ok. She is about to grow out of her preemie diapers, and before we know it we might even be in size newborn!

Noah is working towards the end of the school semester which is December 9th. The end always seems the toughest because everything catches up with you, so please pray that he will do the best to his ability! Hebrew is probably his toughest subject right now.

Romans 15:13
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.


  1. I have always said you are such a mommy! I think you were just born to be. I love how you care about each thing so deeply. She is so precious and I thank God for all her days!

  2. I recall the same feeling....could I leave her "alone" while I took a shower? I remember putting her bouncy seat in the bathroom with me and peeking around the shower curtain every other second to check on her...while she just sat smiling thinking I was a crazy woman playing peek a boo!!!
    I have missed seeing you and hope to get to VERY soon!!!

  3. Suzan7:03 AM

    I will be praying for your family as your husband finishes up the semester of seminary. Hebrew is ALWAYS hard! My husband graduated from The Master's Seminary in 2006.

  4. Such big changes for such a little girl. We'll be praying as y'all adjust to her growth. Praise God!


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