Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Screwtape Letters


The wives of seminary students have the privilege of taking classes for a grade or auditing them for free. Since Noah has been in school, we have not had the time for me to do this, but this semester we are "taking" a class together, our first class. Noah is completely focused on it because he will be taking the tests and writing the papers, but I get to enjoy the fun part of it. We have an incredible seasoned professor who is teaching a class on the life and works of C.S. Lewis. One of the assignments of the class is to read 800 pages of his works. Unfortunately, the option does not include the Narnia series, but I have just completed my first book of the list, The Screwtape Letters. I was so happy to begin with this one because it was intense because it was so personal. The novel is written in the form of letters between two devils in which the uncle is trying to train his young nephew on how to truly win a person for their side. It goes through all of the little things that we do not think about because we have become so accustomed to the things of this world, but those are the ways that Satan drags us away from God! These letters were convicting on how I need to be seeking God's word more for daily decisions. We know how I love fashion, but do I allow it to come between me and my God? I should be asking this about everything and questioning what am I truly putting first in my life. At the end of the book God really convicted me on how I am not convicted enough. I have become too comfortable at where I am. We should always be challenging ourselves outside of our comfort zone. If we are too comfortable, we should ask ourselves, "Are we standing out for Christ?", or "Am I blending in well with the non-Christians so much that people don't know that I am a Christian?"

It has less than a handful of dictionary-needed words and with its humor you will be able to easily follow. I truly recommend this book to any one who has not read it before! I knew that I was like it, but I was surprised on how much I REALLY liked it and must read it again!
Have you read it? If so, what are your thoughts on the book?

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  1. On my Kindle list...along with a couple of others of his. What a neat, neat opportunity to take the classes with Noah. Keeping you guys in our prayers!!!!

  2. Todd read this in college, and I started reading it a LONG time ago but never finished it. You've inspired me to hunt it down and finally finish it!


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