Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A little bit of Walt

It is hard for me to believe that my little man is approaching his first birthday, and it is happening so quickly. Every day he does something new and different, and with each milestone it reminds me of how happy I am that I work from home. It makes squeezing the life out of a penny worthwhile. Every day is an adventure for him, and his smile is a contagious one! Slowly we have been introducing new foods, which is hard for me because I am so fearful that he will choke. Before Magdalena was born I took the CPR and choking classes, but I really don't want to ever have to use that information! So with every new step, I am hesitant, but then, he does it with such ease as to say "see mommy, I can do it!".

My neighbor will probably laugh when she reads this story because they experienced this nervousness first hand. I have decided to take a night class with Noah. Our neighbor has an older daughter who watched Walt the first night that this class took place. They have a lot of kids, and Walt LOVES it over there. His social personality thrives in that type of setting. When we picked him up the dad mentioned that after seeing Walt's teeth, he gave him a cheerio, and I thought I was going to faint. Of course, I was unintentionally rude asking if he knew life saving methods in case he should choke. Then, my next question was "did you get a picture?". You guys know that I get a picture of all firsts! Well, Noah and I talked about how I handled the situation in a rude way. Thankfully, our neighbors are gracious people who forgave easily but they didn't forget! Now, the cheerios are the butt of every joke! Well, I have attached this picture for them. This is Walt's SECOND time to eat cheerios, and yes, he eats them like a champ!

Mimi loves to spoil her grandkids! Here is the train that she bought for Walt to help him learn to walk, and he has built up to what you see here! He pushed that train all over the front area of our house, and it made his Mimi so proud! He still has not started walking on his own, yet, but it looks like we are almost there!

Walt loves the black-eyed peas that Mimi makes for him! I really think that they are his favorite food! Mimi is really good about showing me the types of food that Walt can eat, and always being there to hold my hand as he tries them. He would probably still be eating baby food if it weren't for her. Besides eating the food, Walt enjoys being able to feed himself and smash the peas with his hand on the table. This picture is the most accurate of his little personality. He is such a sweet little man!

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  1. Julie. I laughed. I could almost hear you asking them if they knew how to save his life... as if they have not fed Cheerios to so many other kiddos. I can't imagine anyone better to share Cheerios with Walt -- or anyone better to turn your reaction into a joke. What a blessing they are to you! He looks so happy with his peas. Our kids loved peas and baked sweet potato, but if you try the sweet potato, make sure it is adequately cooled. Those things get so hot and could easily burn the inside of a little mouth...

  2. Walt is beyond adorable!!! I love your honesty. You have done truly wonderful - fun and serious - things with Magdalena's blog. Looks great and you share from your heart. May God continue to bless you, Noah and sweet Walt.


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