Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Thanks to an idea from one of the readers (yay, Dee Dee!) one of our subscribers (both old and new are eligible) will win a March of Dimes t-shirt from this year!!! If you have not yet subscribed, go here. You must confirm your subscription through an email that is sent to you before you are eligible. Winner will be announced on Monday, September 13th!

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  1. I love to wear my Magdalena shirt - the first one - and I was thinking JUST THE OTHER DAY that I really wish I had gotten the new one. Hoping to win!!

  2. Kimberly, Thank you!

  3. I love to wear my shirt..I wore it today and several people asked me where I got it and who Magdalena is....I tell them she is a special angel who has touched my heart in so many ways and I am proud to wear this shirt...LOVE IT!!!


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