Sunday, September 14, 2008


People, we have got to get our act together! We only have 2,210 pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House!! The Coke and Pepsi people are still in business so I know that cans are still being bought, and families whose children need medical assistance will benefit from these tabs!! While the children are receiving medical care the Ronald McDonald House gives the family a place to stay so that they can remain together.
I posted about this earlier in the summer. Here is the link:

This is so simple! You don't have to spend any extra of your money and you are still giving! I have just had this same conversation with Noah because although he has collected some (he wanted me to be sure to give him this credit on this post), while at work he tends to forget to collect them! If you live locally, Noah and I will pick them up from your home! If you live elsewhere, please find a local Ronald McDonald chapter and post how many you have donated so we can keep up with how much we have been able to collect.
Here is a better explanation of how these tabs help, which is found on the Ronald McDonald House website.

Many Ronald McDonald Houses work with local recycling centers to raise money by collecting tabs from aluminum cans.

Ronald McDonald Houses collect pop tabs instead of entire aluminum cans because the tabs are pure high-quality aluminum, unlike cans, which consist of aluminum and other alloys. Tabs are also easier to store than whole cans.

If your local Ronald McDonald House participates in the program, it’s likely cardboard collection containers in the shape of a house have been distributed to schools, community and civic groups and other organizations in your area, as well as at the Ronald McDonald House, local McDonald’s restaurants, local banks and grocery stores. You can collect pop tabs to donate to your House.
After the tabs are collected, the local RMHC Chapter brings the collection to local recycling centers, where they are weighed to determine their value. One pound of tabs is worth 57 cents, and one gallon of pop tabs (4,175 tabs) is worth $1.49.

The recycling center then sends the local RMHC Chapter or House a check for the total value. To date, more than 400 million pop tabs have been collected, generating more than $4 million.


  1. I have some I have been collecting but it isn't a large number. I will let you know when I have more so they can go toward your total number!!!!

  2. I'm also saving them from work and home, but haven't turned them in to anyone yet. waiting till I get more. We really don't drink a lot of sodas.

  3. Just now catching up on all this fabulous blogging you did while I was rafting! So many things... I love reading about y'all but even better, love seeing y'all -- which I will do SOON!!!! And I will try to remember to save my tabs for the McDonald house. I don't drink out of cans that often, but I will make a mental note in BOLD!

  4. Ronald McDonald House ROCKS!!! they are an awesome organization and until you need a place you never know they are there! I will happily send mine to you. As my contact for my local Chapter moved :( It is sad when you need to use them but it is awesome they are there!

  5. Hi...I've been a lurker of your blog for a few months now. I came across your story from another blogger who was asking for prayers for you and Magdelena. (What a sweet little thing she is!!!) Anyhow, my 4th grader has been collecting pop/soup tabs for awhile now, and last night he decided to pack them all up to take to school. When he started collecting them, the nearest RM House was miles one is being constructed in our city next to the children's hospital. ANYHOW, before he put the bags in his backpack, I told him I wanted to count them to see how many he had accumulated. Then I remembered that YOU were keeping track of pop tabs! My little guy took in 1,051 tabs this morning to school. Here's the photographic proof... :) God bless you all...what a BEAUTIFUL family you have!


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