Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tomorrow's Nerves

Please pray for us as we prepare ourselves for our cardiologist appointment for tomorrow! I am nervous, scared, excited, etc. about what the doctor may tell us. Magdalena's heart is her biggest hurdle right now. Because each T18 baby is different, it is hard to know what to expect in the future, and the doctors cannot give us specific information. I would love to go and receive positive news, but I think that I would most want to hear is that whatever my daughter may have is not painful and that she can live happily held by her family.

Here are some pictures that I wanted to share and forgot to do so in the earlier post.

Here is a picture of Magdalena looking at Loli's picture longing for her to come and spoil her a little bit. Magdalena always takes a good nap while being held by her.

The picture below will be one to treasure for all times. These are my Dad's parents, Grandmom and Granddad, Magdalena's great-grandparents, holding Magdalena. My Granddad has Alzheimers and because of his health lives at the Veterans nursing home, so we were so excited to have him at his home on this rare day. The have been sweethearts since grade school, and my sisters and I have so many memories with them. When we were yonger they would take me, my sisters, and my cousins to Opryland every year. We would play during the day while camping at night. I could go on and on sharing tons of memories with you, but it is hard for me to share all the details that made it special without writing a book. To shorten, just know that we were loved by them, and today our kids feel the same love. Grandmom LOVES to hold those babies and for the older ones to spend the night with her. The statistics gave us a possible reality for us, but we are truly being blessed, and now, this picture, a picture that I never could have imagined to have, just makes me cry happy tears. My Granddad was able to hold my beautiful daughter! How amazing!


  1. What sweet precious pictures for you to have. I know it just made you all warm and fuzzy inside to have them both there to love on your beautiful baby girl. Praying for your cardiologist visit tomorrow.

  2. Oh Julie, What a blessing to behold. I love the pictures and she get more beautiful each day. She is so loved and such a blessign to all she meets. I love the picture of your Grandmom an Granddad and how blessed all are. Praying for your cardiologist appt. Please post so we can keep praying for specifics.

  3. What a precious picture. I will be praying.

  4. every time i read this blog, i am blessed and reminded of God's overwhelming love for us. thanks for taking the time to blog all of this. i love the pics and will be praying for the cardiologist appointment.

  5. Your daughter is so precious. Praying for you all in NC. :-)

  6. It is so special that you got to spend time with your Grandmom and Grandad with your precious daughter! I love the wonderful memories spent with my Grandparents, I'm sure it was a very special day for them as well. Praying for encouragement at the cardiologist!
    I am so glad you posted more pictures......she is so beautiful!

  7. Alyson Dale10:18 AM

    Hey Julie,

    Jen emailed some pics of Magdalena this morning. I could just eat her up. She is sssssssooooooo cute!!!! I'll be praying that your visit with the cardiologist goes well tomorrow.

  8. What a wonderful photo!! How sweet... I will be praying for you all today. We love you and Noah so very much. My God grant you peace today and for good news!!...
    Love, Justin and Laura

  9. That is such a sweet picture!! that is just awesome!

  10. Praying for your appointment, for good news as well as medical wisdom for the doctor. As Cathy mentioned, please keep us posted so we can pray for any specifics and/or concerns that you have.

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures! Magdalena is so blessed to have you all and be lavished with everyone's love. It is obvious everyone is very, very blessed by her presence.

    Many, many prayers,

  11. We are praying for you ALL as you see the Cardiologist today. Am praying that she will not be in pain and that you can continue to enjoy her for a LONG time!

    Thanks for sharing the precious pictures! What a joy to be able to share your daughter with her great grandparents!

    Love you,
    DeeAnn & Jimmy Smith

  12. Erin Townsend Lammie2:38 PM

    I have gotten in the habit of checking your blog while I drink my morning coffee. I have been praying for you, Noah and Magdalena since I learned of her diagnosis; grieving for your sorrow and rejoicing at God's continuing mercies toward your family. I love the pictures and the continued updates. Know that you three are in our prayers. Erin

  13. I sure thought I recognized this little outfit. It fits her so well! And I'm honored to see it get the oh-so-exclusive privilege of being shown on your blog. I can't wait to meet the little angel tomorrow!


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