Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mommy's BIG Day

Mimi and Papa with their five grandkids on Mimi's birthday

Mimi and Magdalena

Today I feel as a mom does when sending their kids off to college or watching them get married. There comes that point where you have to let go, and for every person and every situation the timing is different. After sitting with Magdalena over the past two weeks I have wondered if this is what we will continue to do. What I mean is that the question arises whether or not I will get over my fear of doing anything or put myself in a hole. We didn't know if we would bring her home, so we never discussed how we would do things if she should arrive here. And I don't want this fear doing anything for the sake of Magdalena, Noah, me or the rest of those who love our sweet girl. She will never be "normal", so I can't do what a normal parent would in certain situations, but our lives do not need to be sat in a house as though I am waiting for her to die. We MUST be super careful, and I think that I will continue to let hardly anyone hold her except for us. We don't know how much time we have with her, but noone knows this for anyone they love, and for this reason our lives must continue.

All of this to say...

Magdalena had her first babysitter today. Her Papa watched her without any parents around. I was completely nervous even though it was for such a short period of time while I ran an errand. In any situation my dad would have done a great job, but I couldn't help but to be scared. Papa knew the drill on what to do in case she had any apnea problems.

Also, today is Mimi's birthday!! She loved spending time with all of her grandkids together! (Look at pictures above.) Magdalena went to Mimi's house for the first time, and one of the few outings that Magdalena has been on.

A few incredible things have happened that I also want to share with you....Magdalena's birth certificate and social security card have arrived!! Yay!
And today she took an entire feeding by bottle at her 9:00 feeding!! This is HUGE for her because of how difficult it is for her to take a bottle. She takes the most by bottle at this feeding time, so we took it slow and she did it! Now, she is resting from the hard workout.

Lastly, Magdalena has officially gotten a double chin. With her clothes, socks, and hat on she weighs 4 pounds and 12 ounces!! Her preemie clothes are still too big, but they are fitting her much better!! It is good for her to put on weight, but we still have to be careful so that her heart can handle the gain.


  1. Woo-hoo, girl, double chin! I love it!:)

  2. God Bless you! As from someone who has traveled this road, I can tell you over time you will bring her out more, you will allow more to hold her and the more days God allows her to have, you will become more relaxed. But it may not be soon. It takes a while. But don't be hard on yourself. As you know, you have been given a very special gift and you are savoring every second of it. I love the pic of your mom and Magdalena! Two beautiful girlies.

  3. So, so sweet!!!! I was so tickled to see her unswaddled and in her diaper the other night, and see how that little belly has filled out! I love a little "chub" on a sweet baby! She's beautiful as always, and so is your family. I am really impressed with the way you have handled the short trip away from her. I know that was scary but you did a great job!

  4. Gee whiz Magdalena, you have quite a fan club there! You keep everyone on their toes, its good for us all! And well done on the collection of chins - you sport them with such elegance!


  5. Wow! That is all so exciting to hear! Thanks for sharing! I think it is always hard to leave a baby for the first time - You're amazing, really! I've been so encouraged and inspired by your trust in the Lord in all this. I'm so thankful for all the time y'all have had with your precious, beautiful little girl. Love to all three of you,
    Stephanie for the McKinney family

  6. WOW!! God Bless Magdalena!! And while I don't know you in person, from reading your stories I can tell you are a wonderful mommy and are handling your gift from God like a pro!!! Keep up all the stories; I love to check in on Magdalena's progress.

    BTW- do you have a nickname for Magdalena? like Maggie or something like that?

  7. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Julie and Noah,

    So glad for these updates. Thinking of you all a lot and praying.

    Sounds like some big milestones: a bottle feeding! Praise the Lord.


  8. Love the pictures!! Magdalena how great to hear you are getting some baby chub..too cute!! :) You are doing a great job Mommy

  9. By the way, Mama wants me to add one thing :

    Magdalena : you are stunning.


  10. Such good news! I am amazed at God's goodness!

  11. Anonymous11:25 PM

    I am so glad she is doing so good. She is such a cutie pie.

  12. Jen Bishop12:31 PM

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  13. I am so happy to win this for your daughter, you can also see a picture of the lamb and the scripture that it has on it on the babybeblessedblog, I hope you enjoy every minute with your blessing.

  14. Dear Julie and Noah,

    Checking in regularly to see how your amazing and beautiful little Magdalena is doing.

    Just wanted to let you know that
    prayers continue from Michigan.

  15. It was great to see you and Magdalena this morning. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to speak before you went in the back. I talked with your mom a little though. Magdalena is beautiful. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers often.
    Beth K.

  16. hey y'all - I am very leery of posting my phone number on here, but I have left comments before and feel like I know y'all - I am a teacher in Rankin County (used to teach at Eastside and the Jr. High in Clinton) and my parents still live in Clinton....anyway - is there anyway that you could contact me: I am interested in my students doing a community service to help collect pop tabs in Magdalena's honor - my students have already started bringing them, but I want to ask your permission to show them a picture of y'all and also ask for other ways we can get this going - my work email is I will check again tonight so that maybe I can send you my number and we can talk - if y'all don't need the tabs that is fine we can just donate to rmh or umc but thought my second through fifth graders would identify with a face. also if you want to see our school it is at then go to schools and under the Northwest Zone I am at Highland Bluff and I teach Venture (like ACCENT) - I hope we can help y'all. My blog is at - you DEF don't need to publish this comment I just didn't know how else to contact you...Michelle

  17. Wow - how great for your mom and dad to have everyone together at their house for her b-day. I know they were super thrilled!

  18. One step at a guys are doing great loving your sweet girl. Think of what a blessing she is to others when they hold make it easier to share her....we think they are ours but they are just borrowed and put in our hands to be used by the Lord. You will notice that the more you take her out, the more others will notice her and be blessed and you will be able to share your love of the Lord with them as well as Trisomy 18 and your fact, we had buisness cards made up to give to those who asked abou thim with Jacob's picture and blog address on it because so many people asked about him in public....just an idea for you guys too. Loving your family through prayer,

    Karen Fahmer


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