Friday, September 19, 2008

Keep Going!

Thanks to every person who has been collecting pop tabs! Keep Going!! Look at how many we are getting!


  1. I have THREE sitting on my counter for you!

  2. Anonymous6:49 AM

    I been saving them for you too! We have a HUGE bin at work for adopt a family. (we save the cans for Christmas time) A co-worker and I are going to try and get the tabs off of them to donate to you or donate locally. I had no idea until I read here how great this is. A SIMPLE thing to do. We are a family that recycles so this excites me even more! :) Many blessings.

  3. Erin Jones Schmidt9:31 PM

    I'll be thinking of you guys at and the cardiologist appointment tomorrow, hope you get great news! Love,


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