Friday, September 26, 2008


Magdalena is obviously breathing harder, which is definitely hard to watch, but we are doing all in our power to make her feel more comfortable. She takes a little of her meals by mouth, but we don't pressure her to eat a lot, and we feed the rest through her tube. She was a lot less fussy today and slept a lot of the time in her swing. Tonight, when it seemed as though she was feeling ok, Magdalena's Mimi and I gave her a good bath. She cried a little during the process but not nearly as much as she has in the past few days. We are so happy that Magdalena was able to rest so peacefully today.

This a Magdalena snuggling with her Loli yesterday after a long, fussy day.


  1. Gonna send up our prayers for her breathing tonight. Praying that God will help her and calm her breathing.

  2. Look how konked out she is! Nothing like Loli!

  3. Anonymous1:40 PM

    Hope your little sweetie breathes easier tonight. She is soooo beautiful. You are a great parents. She is lucky to have a family like yours.

  4. Sweet little thing. Can't wait to see her in a bit!

  5. Jennifer Hurt Williams9:02 PM

    Hey Magdalena....
    Samantha said that she'll trade you some teeth for a little of that beautiful hair!!!
    Keep fighting, precious one.

    We love you,
    Jennifer, Chris, and Samantha Williams in Augusta

  6. Continuing to pray for Magdalena and your family. She is so beautiful.


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