Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Magdalena's Busy Day

Yesterday we began the day going to see the geneticist, who both Noah and I liked very much. The doctor was not unrealistically optimistic, but gave us a starting point for where we should begin at home. In so many situations people want to compare Magdalena to a normal baby with how she is growing and what she does, but it sets unrealistic standards for how she is developing and how we should care for her. However, one of the things that we were given was a growth chart so that Noah and I can keep up with how Magdalena is doing for a T18 baby. Also, by meeting with this doctor we have a contact in order to learn more as we head down this unknown road.
Then, we were able to show off Magdalena to some of the people that I work with. Magdalena was then seen by the pediatrician for the first time.
We are so thankful that Magdalena rides well in her car seat. She is so small in comparison to the seat that I was suprised that she could get comfortable enough to sleep, which she did most of the day. I think that she enjoyed spending the day with both her mommy and daddy, even if it was in doctors' appointments.

Also, I want to shout for everyone to hear.....


  1. Oh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Magdalena! I am so happy that you did so well on your outing with Mommy and Daddy! I know they are so proud showing you off. Julie, I am so glad he gave you a growth chart for you to chart Magdalena's progress. I love to check in to see how sweet Magdalena's doing.

  2. Happy 4 weeks! Wow, so glad you got out and had a good day. Its so great to see your updates.

  3. HAPPY 4 AMAZING WEEKS BIRTHDAY! What a wonderful day it is! It is amazing how quickly the time goes by and what a joy she did so well on what sounds like a long outing. We love you guys!

  4. You don't know me, but I have to shout it out anyway...


  5. Bravo little girl, what a splendid achievement! What a fighter! What a simply PERFECT little Princess! The Bernard Bunch is rejoicing your first two weeks with glee!

  6. Has it been FOUR whole weeks already? Wow! It sounds like you all had a great day together as a family. Please keep us up to date with the growth chart, especially for those of us that don't get to see her. I love to hear how she's growing!

  7. Four Weeks with this amazing little miracle, what a blessing!!! It is so good to check in on Magdalena and see that she is filling your days with joy and a few surprises. Praying for you as you enjoy her precious little life.

    Laurie in Ca.

  8. Oh happy, happy day! Four weeks with such a precious little princess and a great day out to celebrate!

    Thanks so much for sharing Magdalena with us all. Praying for many, many more wonderful milestones to celebrate!!!

    Prayers continue for your beautiful family!

  9. Jennifer (Hurt) Williams7:55 PM

    Happy 4 week birthday Magdalena! I was very happy to see your update and am praising GOD with you that all is going fairly well. You are stil in our constant thoughts and prayers.

  10. I couldn't help but think about how special today is ALL DAY!! I am so thankful that you and Noah have shared your miracle with us. She is a joy to be around and I treasure each second I am with her.

    I love you guys!

  11. Happy, HAPPY birthday to the precious girl!!!! She looks so beautiful every time I see her!

  12. Such a precious gift! Happy FOUR weeks!!! BTW, I just adore growth charts...what a great thing to have one specifically for your little one.

  13. Anonymous10:18 PM

    PRAISE BE TO GOD ON HIGHEST AND TO HIS HOLY NAME!! I know, you both know, everyday is a miracle. What a joy to be watching a miracle before your very eyes! May we all stay awake and alert for the lessons Christ is teaching us, even now as we get to witness life with
    Magdalena, her Mommy and Daddy. Much love to you Julie and Noah. And Happy Birthday Magdalena!! Love Marilyn Meadows

  14. YEA, praise God! Still praying for y'all. Love ya!

  15. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Julie & Noah & Sweet Magdalena!

    How wonderful it is to see you have written. The girls and I at Sweet Dreams look forward to your updates and are in constant prayer for you all. We are so very happy to wish Magdalena a HAPPY HAPPY four week birthday!!!!! I know we are not at the top of the list, but we would love to see this precious child.

    With all our thoughts and prayers,

    (Christy, Claire, Jackie & Sarah, too!)

  16. autumn walton12:38 AM

    Happy Birhtday Magdalena! I love checking in to see how you are doing. I am so glad you are doing well and I'm sure mom and dad enjoyed themselves showing you off!

  17. Joyously praising God for these first Four Weeks!!! Continuing to pray for many, many more!


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