Friday, September 19, 2008

A "little bit" of information

It seems as though this week has passed by so quickly. Magdalena needed some personal attention this week while her tummy wasn't feeling well, and I understood how sometimes when you don't feel well just to have someone hold you helps. She is now feeling much better, and this was very evident yesterday. Her little personality was bright and shining as we did her exercises, sang, and danced together. Her little smile has returned to her beautiful face. Oh, I am so happy that she is feeling better! Thank you so much for praying for her!

Magdalena's Loli calls her "little bit", and she has done this since her birth. But I wanted to share with you what Loli, my oldest sister, did this past week. While Noah was home I had some time to get out of the house, and Loli would always stops by to see her every second that she can. I returned one day to find that Loli had put a picture of herself in Magdalena's bassinet! This must have helped her to feel better because any time she opened her eyes she could see Loli's face!

Also, here is a link to Magdalena's Baptism in which you get the front view! Thanks to Daniel Elliot for being our professional photographer and Sam Higganbotham for getting it online for us!


  1. Glad to hear that her tummy is feeling better.


  2. i have come from the stanfields'. i have haVe been reading your posts. so happy that lil bit is all better. your girl is so precious and i wish for you and noah to have many years with her!!! it is always a bitter feeling when your baby is uncomfortable and in pain. still praying for you guys.

  3. i am tickled with "loli". what a great idea! next time i'm sick, i'm calling her for a picture! so glad magdalena is feeling better...


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