Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Happy Five Week Birthday!

Dr. C and Nurse A with Magdalena

I had my five week check up with the doctor, and as of now everything seems fine. Everyone says that the more you walk the better you feel. I definitely believe that to be true. I had motivation, walking to see Magdalena in the NICU, which allowed me to heal and feel better much faster. Dr. C and A helped our family so much through the unknown weeks and emotional rollar coaster in which we waited for Magdalena's arrival which is why I wanted Magdalena to meet them and get her picture made with them. God blessed us so much by putting them in our lives. God knew exactly what we needed before we did.

After the doctor's appointment, we visited our friends at our favorite store. Magdalena is a hat snob. It is hard to find a hat that fits her small head and when a hat falls below her head she gets so upset. There we have always been able to find clothes and hats that fit her small body. Mimi bought Magdalena the sweetest bonnet that fits her head. I will have to put a picture of it up soon because it is SO cute!

Then, we HAD to go eat lunch and visit Papa at work. Here is a picture of them together! Because I am not comfortable with driving with her being out of my sight, Mimi went with us. We were so thankful that she was able to come with us and to help us with Magdalena's first day out and about.

Lastly, we took a big step and went to Target together. I was nervous, but everything worked out well. I want to be able to take Magdalena with me to these special places, and I found out that she is like her mommy and loves to shop with her Mimi and Mommy!

Every time Magdalena has her eyes open someone is holding her, and this is because I don't want her just lie there. I want her to know that she is loved and to feel it. However, I have realized that this is not realistic for continuing the daily needs of a household. Right now we are completely spoiled with all of the generous people who have kept me from thinking about cooking. It takes one thing off of my mind. Magdalena needs to be able to sit there awake at times so that I can keep clothes clean and the house running. All of this to say we bought Magdalena her first swing! (We didn't consider the battteries so we will have to get those tomorrow.) I am watching her in it constantly right now to make sure that she is able to breathe in it comfortably.

Daddy putting the swing together after coming home from work.

Here are pictures of her the first time she sat in her swing.

I did want to show this picture of Magdalena and her great-grandmother, Grandmom, who comes by frequently to see her. Look at the love in this picture!


  1. Happy 5 Weeks, Magdalena! You still look smashing in brown and pink. Hope you enjoy your new swing.


  2. What a lucky little girl! So loved by all she meets. I love the swing and her wardrobe! Praying here in Texas!

  3. I love the pic with Grandmom! How sweet. Happy Five Weeks!

  4. these are all so wonderful! i forgot to ask about your appt. yesterday when we talked! ack! so many things to discuss. my favorite two pics are the one of noah putting the swing together (so glad he finally got to put something together!) and grandmom holding her. precious! and i LOVE how she points that little finger out there...

  5. Julie,
    we are just so thrilled for you and for little magdalena! she is doing so well... and i am in awe of how you are handling all this. God is giving you so much strength, and i hope you know there are so many in hattiesburg still praying for yall... love you!

  6. Happy 5 weeks Magdalena! What an awesome gift God has brought the three of you. I have been following your story for some time now. I am member at First Presbyterian Church in Hattiesburg and actually attened RUF a few times with Julie. My maiden name is Bethany Boone....now McNease. My husband and I are having some pregnancies problems now but God has worked within us to use this time to worship, praise, and grow stronger in and with our Lord. We thank God each day for how He is changing our lives with our baby! I hope the good news continues and as always I will check daily to see if a new blog has been posted.

    In His Love,

  7. It is such a blessing to come here and read about little Magdalena. She is such a miracle and to have followed you as you carried her and now to realize she is 5 weeks old, is simply amazing grace. I love how you love her, completely and the pictures sure show the love. Have a wonderful day and I continue to pray for your family.

    Love and Blessings, Laurie in Ca.

  8. What a beautiful circle of love! Mimi and Grandmom are blessed women indeed to have such a beautiful family!

    Julie, so glad that you don't have to cook. It's wonderful that you don't have to sweat those details yet. I hope you continue to take advantage of all that family and friends want to do for you. You are giving others a gift when you accept their offers of help!

    Happy 5 Weeks Birthday precious Magdalena! You are so beautiful and so very, very loved.

    How fun that mommy gets to take you out and show you off!!!

    Prayers continue in Michigan!
    God bless,

  9. Julie-
    Happy 5 weeks Magdalena! Praising God for each milestone....5 weeks, moving into a swing...venturing out to Target...and knowing you can do it.

    I remember with Josh how after a couple of weeks, we purposed in our minds to make life as normal as possible....for Josh, for our family, for our other children.

    You are beacon of God's light and love shining forth. I continue praying that God would strengthen you all each step of the way...and for healing for Magdalena.

    She is absolutely beautiful.

  10. I love the pics of Grandmom and Magdalena. How blessed YOU and Magdalena are to have her nearby!

    Giving praise to God daily for His mercies to your sweet family! I pray for you all very day and during the night when I wake.


    Oh, btw, what is the size of her head now and maybe I can make a hat for her.

    Love you,

  11. Happy 5 Weeks Magdalena! Know there are hundred's of prayers around the city, state, country, and world being lifted for you and your family. There is an old saying, "Dynamite comes in small packages". God will use this little package for his glory!

  12. Magdalena is absolutely beautiful!!! I am so happy you have this precious time with her :)

  13. My 7 week old, Hayden, has the same exact swing and LOVES it...it also folds and travels really well!! I think about y'all everyday and continue to celebrate the days y'all are spending together and the love that I see in each and every word and in each and every picture. Take care of that sweet little girl, and take care of yourselves!

    Missy Davidson

  14. Erin Jones Schmidt3:54 PM

    Julie, she's getting so big! I love that she's getting to see the things we love...including Target! Thanks for the update girl, I'm so proud of you.

  15. Wow 5 weeks already! I bet you have to pinch yourself some days. I know she will have a swinging good time in her new swing as well. Happy 5 weeks Magdalena!!!

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  17. (Let's try this again)

    I LOVE how she looks like she is telling her Daddy what to do from her throne (her swing) with her little finger up in the air....I love those special hands God gives babies with T18. She is just so sweet. Happy 5 Weeks Birthday sweet princess!

    Karen Fahmer

  18. Jennifer Hurt Williams7:37 PM

    Keep fighting, little miracle, and have fun in your swing. We had the same one and Samantha LOVED it. Happy 5 weeks!!!

  19. It was so good to hear an update! I loved seeing the pictures, and she is precious in her swing! The post about her name cracked me up, too.:)

    Love ya!

  20. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Happy Birthday, Magdalena!

    I think the swing is a perfect birthday gift!
    Thanks for sharing all the sweet pictures! We are in Kansas this week, celebrating Avery's 5th birthday, but I had to keep up with the blog! It is so amazing how many people are anxious to go there every single day! And I am one of them!

    Thanks again for sharing!


    Mr. and Mrs. P.


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