Monday, June 23, 2008

Pop Tabs for Ronald McDonald

I was just about to throw away my Mountain Dew can when I remembered that my sister had said that we should begin to collect the pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. The money received from recycling the tabs helps pay for nights stayed in the house by the family.

This is a simple way to help families who are going to be dealing with a child's health, so the last thing they need to worry about is the financial resource for their own well being while their child is being cared for. There will be many parties in which cans will be used, consider having everyone give their tabs to you! You can make a good thing out of drinking bad-for-you soda!

Because this is a world-wide organization, consider giving to your local House.
If you know me personally feel free to just give them to me the next time you see me at church, work, etc., and I will make sure they get there. In fact, I would enjoy this!

Let's keep count! If you don't give them to me, drop me an email with how many tabs you gave to the Ronald McDonald House. Periodically, I will post how many we have collected together! Hmm...should we have a goal?


  1. Julie and Noah,

    Just read the last few days of your blog. Bonnie is reading it now.

    Thanks for your faithfulness in staying close to the Lord and sharing it with us.



  2. I had no idea that by donating pop tabs it would help anyone. Thank you so much for telling us about that, we drink way too much pop so I will start saving the tabs for the Cleveland RMH (and if they for some reason don't accept them I will put them in the mail to you). When I take them, I will let you know how many we've got! Thanks again, great great idea!!

  3. I don't drink many sodas, but when I do, I'll start saving the tabs. This is such a great idea.

  4. Ooh, sounds like a good reason to stock up on some Sunkist! (my favorite, but I usually abstain...:))

  5. Tiffany4:27 PM

    hey. i have a bunch at my house too. not sure if it's that many but i've been collecting too since the girl in our ss class said that. so that's two of us combined to help. they have collected a ton though.

  6. Keep up the good work.


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