Friday, June 20, 2008

Learning for and from the Unexpected

This weekend I am house sitting for my sister and taking care of her dogs while she is out of town. Just breathing in her air made me want to blog. Noah is working long hours this week because of a shortage of employees, so after getting up I took another nap. I can't think of what I have done to make myself so exhausted, but a nap was needed. My sister's dog, Bailey, agreed that he was tired too, so he napped with me.

For the next month Noah and I are taking labor/delivery classes on Tuesday nights. It is weird how the instructor continually used the word "excitement" and "what to look forward to" because I knew that those words applied to everyone else in the class. At one point I really had to block what she was saying to keep my tears inside. I have learned to do that better at some times than others because I know that this will happen for the rest of my life. We were encouraged by the instructor to breast feed and she gave many opinions, but I just nodded my head. I know that we will just have to wait and see what we will do when Magdalena is born because so many of these decisions we cannot make now.
Also, my mom and I took an infant CPR class this week, and we learned so much. My mom is always helping out with the grand babies, so I signed her up and she willingly came with me. She was even amazed that we learned how to remove food from a choking infant!
It is good to be prepared for the unexpected when you can be. Again, as Noah and I have learned from this experience, we should never assume that we will be the ones left untouched by trials of this kind.

Next week I will be going for my 33rd week doctor's appointment, and afterwards we will meet with the neonatologist about Magdalena's care when she is born.


  1. Praying for you. You are so brave to go to these classes. I am sure the information is good. Remember that God will be with you during the delivery. He WILL NOT LET YOU GO!

  2. Prayers continue for you here in my home, asking the Lord to keep peace and hope in your hearts, for Him to hold you, and as Corie says and knows, HE WILL NOT LET YOU GO. Asking for time, precious time with Magdalena.

    Laurie in Ca.

  3. thank you for the reminder that we will all experience the unexpected at some point in our life. you are completely correct. so many of us roll through the day just oblivious to the things we should be embracing and not taking for granted.

  4. Becky DeWett9:16 PM

    I am so blessed and inspired when I read your thoughts!!! Thanks for sharing! I am praying for you daily.

  5. Jennifer9:40 PM

    I encourage you to visit another blog....audreycaroline.blogspot.comIf you choose to read it, you should start from the beginning. It is an amazing testimony of God's love and mercy. All three of you are in my prayers. May God's peace rest upon your hearts.

  6. Dalma8:45 PM

    I am proud of you, Julie.

  7. I am so glad my air encouraged you to blog. I love you.


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