Wednesday, June 11, 2008

31 weeks

First, I am beginning this blog to tease my oldest sister because I told her that I would. All of the details of keeping updates, pictures, videos, etc. I am just not good at considering them. I am much better at keeping my pain and thoughts private. However, when I do need to say a thought or idea out loud I enjoy telling them to Lori because she will talk with me and restrain her tears for when she is away from me. Now, we have cried together at appropriate times, but I cry a lot by myself and with Noah, so when I am talking about Magdalena having someone else begin to cry can make it tough for me. This is because I know the pain and I will want to begin crying right then and there. Lori has heard it all, and if you know her, you will agree that she is one tough cookie.
When we had a team participating in the March for Babies event to raise money for the March of Dimes, Noah set up a facebook group, Magdalena's Feet, to get everybody involved. Well, Lori on many occasions reminded me to do certain things to it to keep everyone involved. She is much better at it than I am, so I made her the "Boss of Communication". Because of this everyone has been continually receiving pictures and updates. Unfortunately, she will only be the "Boss of Communication" for the blog when Noah and I are unable to write, so, please, forgive me for not being good at posting and adding details to my blog. Because of Lori I am gradually improving, and please feel free to ask any questions that you may have. Our family loves to share about Magdalena's sweet life.

So to begin 31 weeks...
When I found out that I was pregnant I was always nervous about the smallest "weird" feeling because I feared that something could be wrong, but I would never have guessed that I would be in the situation that I am in now. It has helped me to learn never to take anything for granted because we truly don't deserve this wonderful child. It is only by the grace of God that I have the ability to bear children, and with that blessing he has given me another one, Magdalena. I am reminded of this daily with her small movements (or big kicks when my stomach will bounce because of her), and they make me a little teary eyed in a happy way.
Our family gathered Tuesday night to celebrate her life of 31 weeks at Grandmom's house. It is hard to believe how quickly the time has passed. The doctors said that I do have a little more fluid than a normal pregnancy, but it will only cause more discomfort. She is not taking in all that a normal baby would, and as of two weeks ago she weighed 2 pounds 1 ounce while a normal baby weighs about 3 pounds at this point.
Magdalena was so excited at her party because Grandmom made her a beautiful, little pink blanket, which she can't wait to touch, and Loli (Lori) gave her a big box of snickerdoodle cookie dough so that whenever she wants some her mommy can make it.

Last night Papa and Daddy finished putting together Magdalena's bed (while Mimi helped decide on a few decorating ideas), so if God should bless us with having time at home with her, she will know that bed was put together with lots of love. I am glad that the bed is filling up the spot where we had intended to put it for so long. It allows me to physically do something for her, to "nest" as many would say. It lets me tell her that if she wants to fight for awhile and God enables her to do so we are ready with a place for her to physically rest, but if it is God's will that she to go to her eternal resting earlier than we would like, she will continued to be loved by us.

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  1. Although I do not know you personally, please know that I am lifting you, your husband, and your precious girl up in prayer... I do not know the same pain as you, I do have three "angel babies" in Heaven that I had to hand over to the Lord at 6 1/2, 8 1/2, and 13 weeks in pregnancy - God has graciously blessed me with my lil boy who is now just over two...enough me, I just wanted you to know that others are interceding on your behalf so that when you cannot find the strength to cry out, we are. Michelle


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