Thursday, August 12, 2010

Would you be Willing?

There is a ticket being given away here to the Relevant Conference, which I have posted about before. You guys may be getting sick of hearing about it! Sorry about that, but I really want to go! I would love to use the blog to help more parents who are grieving, and maybe it can help push Joy in the Morning off of the ground.

So...would you be will to put in a good word for me on the website. You do this by liking the company on Facebook, Twitter, or any of the gadgets, and tell them that you did it for this particular blog! You have to be sure to return to My Blessed Life letting them know what you did. It technically is not part of the rules, but I thought that maybe it could help!

I am not sure how I will get there once I get a ticket, but getting a ticket is half the battle! Thanks for your help!


  1. I have sent it in for you. Here is what I sent, I also "liked" on FB.

    I clicked the "like" button on Facebook. I am doing this in Julie Roberts name from "Love that won't let me go" Her strength and journey has been an inspiration to many. She has plans for an organization that would help so many grieving families. Please consider her for the ticket.

    Her sweet baby Magdalena left huge footprints here on the earth when she flew off to heaven.

    Here is her blog

    I hope you win the ticket, God will make a way for the transportation!

  2. Penny, Thank you so much!


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