Saturday, August 28, 2010

Walt Washing the Cars

Did you see on the previous post what I had just bought? Well, it wasn't 24 hours before I needed it with Walt. I am SO thankful that I had bought it. Walt is not happy about it at all! And he has gotten so strong that I have had to figure out a position to hold him down where his head doesn't move and all arms are out of the way so that I can actually use the red dragon! After I use it he continues to fuss at me for a little while too, which are just pitiful yells that are hard not to chuckle at.
Walt's name is quickly changing from my "little man" to my "wild man" because he is a handful!! He and I will get out his toys together, and before I know it, he has left his toys and is into something of mine, a drawer full of cards, or something that he could tear or poke his eye with! I have tried to baby proof, but it is not working! Because I am working from home I am really having to learn how to juggle my time of cleaning, playing with Walt, and being a good teacher to those in my class. This last week was stressful with all of that, but I really believe that each day will get a bit better because I will learn what makes the day flow more easily. I love to make lists of things to accomplish for the day, so I make a list for the home and another for work! It is so rewarding to be able to check something off! The downfall is that because I love to check things off, I get frustrated if things don't flow well for my to get all of my goals accomplished, even things that are not a big deal to push off for the next day! God is using this time of my life to really mold me to be a bit more flexible! If I don't get a new recipe cooked because Walt and I needed to have some time outside to play, that is ok! We can throw something on the grill instead! There is a time for both!

Noah and Walt gave me some time last weekend to do a bit of work inside while they worked outside washing the cars. That sweet boy is already taking care of his mommy!

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  1. I love the pics of Walt and Noah washing the car. Walt just looks like he is in his element!

    Being home is always a juggling act. Almost eight years into my at-home journey, I'm still juggling. But as you said, it's something God can really use to teach you many, many lessons...


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