Monday, August 23, 2010

Today is the big day! I am officially a work-from-home mom! Because I taught high school, I have felt for the last week that it was still summer while everyone else began school. But today as my students get to working on their online classwork (enthusiastically, I'm sure) I feel as though I have officially moved into a different direction. It feels more natural than weird, but I am terrified! So far Walt is hanging in there with me, and we are having a blast! One of my favorite things to do so far is cook, which I didn't have time for while working. I am not a chef. I like things simple. But I love being able to give my Noah a good meal after he has been working or at school all day. I think that he is enjoying it too! His pants were getting a little too loose! I have not been taking pictures of my new creations, but I think that I should so that we can all cheer each other on! I will try to post pictures and links to the recipe so that if you are interested, you can try it out too! So far I have made paella (a Spanish dish), an Italian pasta dish, eggplant parmesan (do not recommend this), and a few others. The recipe that I am most proud of our the blueberry muffins that I made. Not only were they delicious, but they were beautiful! I was so proud of them that I took pictures! Then, two friends came over and shared them with me over a cup of coffee.

I am glad to have the time now to invest in friendships. Noah and I returned from Mexico in 2007, and at that time I began finishing graduate school full-time, which included driving an hour and a half to classes. Then, by December I found out that I was pregnant with Magdalena. I don't know if you have truly suffered during your life, but if you have, you know that this is the time when you feel the least social. So from that time up until recently I have not sought out or truly invested in relationships. Noah was so patient with me because he married a talkative, social person, and even today I am awkward in large groups of people I don't know when before I would have loved to have met people. I still depend on Noah a lot to get me through parties or times when people talk with us, but I am glad to have this time where I can spend some time over coffee with a friend when Walt is napping. Walt is my little man and the reason why I work from home, but all of these little extras are amazing.

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  1. Love the muffins and other recipes. It can really be a satisfying thing to feed a family...

    I hope being home with Walt is as big of a blessing to you as my years home with mine have been to me.


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