Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Toys for Batson

This sweet lady came downstairs to get all of the toys from the car, and she had to wait on us to arrive! I began to lose time towards the end of the day and was late! She was so sweet with us, so I thought I would give her a little shout out on the blog! Thank you!

These are all of the toys that we collected for Batson Children's Hospital from Magdalena's Birthday Balloons party! Thank you so much to everyone who came and celebrated the day that Magdalena was born by helping other children! A sweet friend took pictures of the party, so I will post those soon!


  1. Wow...thank you SO much for such a sweet gift! There are LOTS of kids who will enjoy these presents.

  2. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Dear Julie and Noah,
    Our little girl, Maddie, had surgery in Batson hospital this past Monday. She was very sick afterwards and cried for over 24 hours in pain. Nothing we did made her feel better. She is a cleft lip/cleft palate child we adopted from China at age 2. She had a revision of her palate this past monday and the pain was incredible. In the wee hours of the morning her nurse brought her a Barbie doll with a sticker that said, "This gift was given in memory of Magdalena Grace Roberts." It touched mine and my husband's hearts so much to see the generosity of parents who had lost a child. I couldn't wait to get home to look at your blog and see the beautiful little girl whose life made the gift possible. Thank you so much for your kindness. Your little angel baby, Magdalena, is such a beautiful little girl. May God richly bless you both. We are Don and Jan Lemons from Potts Camp, MS.

  3. Jan Lemons6:37 PM

    I also meant to say that Maddie is now 6 years old.
    Jan Lemons


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