Friday, August 06, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!

Two years ago today my eyes beheld the most beautiful baby girl born. And here is our little family on that very special day. Happy Birthday to my sweet first born, my daughter, my Magdalena.


  1. Happy Birthday Magdelena! What a beautiful little life you lived in such a short time!

  2. What a precious, precious baby.

    Thinking of you on this day and many others~
    I love wearing the shirt I ordered, and am honored to be able to tell people who it is for when they ask about it.
    She is still touching lives~

    God bless,
    Janet Downey

  3. Thought of her all day today. Missed her too.

  4. Happy Birthday to a beautiful baby girl! You touched so many hearts in such a short time.

  5. Happy Birthday, sweet angel baby! You are so loved and we will have the biggest baby shower EVER in Heaven! xoxo sweet girl!

  6. Happy Birthday to a sweet little girl. :) Thinking of you guys often and praying as I know the days surrounding today are especially tough at times.

  7. Happy Birthday sweet Magdalena! Praying your mommy's heart is being comforted by the love of God.

  8. She really was just a beautiful little girl. So honored to know her story, know her sweet parents and one day, know her in Heaven!


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