Friday, August 27, 2010

Black-Eyed Peas and The Red Dragon

One of the new vegetable dishes definitely caught me by surprise last night. I was expecting more of a black-eyed pea dish with some seasoning additions, but the recipe really made everything equal. It is definitely good and tasty, but you can't have the thought of traditional black-eyed peas in your mind. I never cook with bacon, so I really ventured out there with this one! I got the recipe from the Southern Generations cookbook.

Just like his sister, Walt hates to have his snot removed from his nose, but it is that time of year and our syringe busted. The one from the hospital is the BEST, so I went on a search there to get another one. Thankfully, they do sell them. The best five bucks I have ever spent! And the irony is that we woke up this morning and Walt had a runny nose, so it was perfect timing! We call our syringe The Red Dragon, a name given to it by our wonderful, sweet hospice nurse, Rosa, when Magdalena had to use it.


  1. I love the Red Dragon too! Olivia HATES it.

  2. The peas look good. I'm still waiting on that paella recipe! :)

    When our kiddos were little, we were very happy to know that Marty's Compounding Pharmacy off of Lakeland sells the red "nose suckers" as we called them, but your name is more creative. We were just so glad to have them. Incredibly useful. I might still have one lying around here now just in case one of them forgets how to blow their nose. :)

  3. my 2 yr old loves to play with ours I think so he can hide it for when we really need it.
    I love your new header! So pretty & perfect!!

    I'm amazed at how good diff food combos taste and how the flavors really work well together.


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