Friday, October 03, 2008

Magdalena's Cotton Candy

Magdalena LOVES to have her Mylicon drops! I know all mothers out there know how useful this gas medicine is, but Magdalena smacks her tiny lips together like she is eating cotton candy. It is so cute, and our family loves to give it to her because it makes her so happy. I am happy to say that she has officially been spoiled. She loves to be held and stay in her swing. The two are much more exciting than sleeping in her bassinet. I know with normal babies you want to teach them to be able to sleep on their own, etc., but we are not so much worried about this because we always want her to be loved on.

Please check out the "Songs of Love" website at to learn more about the organization because Magdalena has just received her song! There are a group of volunteer writers who go through the information that is sent in about the child, and they write a specific song for them. I want to be able to share it on the blog, but I am not sure how to add a song. Give us a little time, and hopefully we can figure it out.

Magdalena went to her first bible study on Wednesday night, and she stayed on her best behavior the entire time! She even allowed me to try putting a little bow in her hair. It didn't stick as I would have liked, but it remained there "floating" in her hair, which is getting a little longer. She loved meeting everyone who had been praying for her.


  1. Love that girl. It was so sweet to be at Bible study with her... I don't know if ut's possible to spoil such an angel but I'm glad y'all are trying!!!

  2. Every time you write, you write as a beautiful proud Mama.....Sweet Magdalena is so that sweet baby girl off...bows and all!


  3. Dear Julie and Noah,

    I have been praying for you for months-ever since I met Noah while buying a bed. It was right before the blood test. I have been wondering about each of you whenever I pray. Today my daughter sent me an email with your blog address. She had seen it while babysitting last night and recognized Magdalena's name. Then she remembered you all were on our prayer list! As I read through some of your entries, I was touched by your willingness to be transparent and your deep respect for every life. Thank you for being willing to share during this challenging time. Magdalena is precious and is extremely blessed to have devoted parents who honor Christ in every way. I will continue to pray for each of you.


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