Wednesday, October 08, 2008

63 Fabulous Days = 9 Wonderful Weeks

Sweet Magdalena is resting right now after eating her breakfast. She didn't get a good nap this morning because her tummy doesn't seem to be feeling well. It is so sad when she is upset because her cry is soft, not loud and annoying, so everyone just feels even worse! She can get whatever she wants, but I have a hard time figuring out what it is she wants sometimes. Mimi stopped by this morning to hold Magdalena before work because she had called her Mimi wanting to be held by her. Magdalena has been having a little bit of a problem sleeping at night, and I think that I have just figured out why! I have been spoiling her during the day by always letting her take naps in her swing, which she loves (really there is no way to describe how much she likes it). Now, she doesn't want to lie still, but who can blame her?
We are so excited that one of my friends from college is coming to visit for a few days! She is one of those people that can come visit, and I don't feel as though I have to entertain her, so I am excited that I don't have to worry about the dust on my tables and the dirt on the floor! I will post some pictures soon of her hanging out with Magdalena!


  1. Erin Jones Schmidt1:31 PM

    Who's coming from college?! How fun!

  2. Julie-Praising God for the 63 fabulous days He has blessed you with. I so know what you mean about the swing...although for our Joshua, it was the bouncy seat. He loved it and was most content seated upright in it. He even took some of his feedings in it, as they went down so much easier through the ng tube and he didn't seem to bring it back up. Reading your words often brings me right back to those moments! Thank you for sharing each of these moments with us. You are a strong mommy. I pray God gives you and Magdalena sleep at night and sustains you through each and every day.

  3. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Hope your beautiful girl feels better soon. She is meant to be held 24/7 if that is what her little sweet heart wants. You are a strong Mother. Keep enjoying every moment you have with her. Enjoy your friend you do not have to


  4. Anonymous6:33 PM

    What about ME? I am so much better than her! HAHA

  5. So long as that Baby girl is in your home, you should NEVER worry about the dust on your tables and the dirt on the floor....I will pay for a cleaning lady to come....there was a company that did it for us when we had Jacob and we spent family time together while some stranger cleaned my toilets and I do not regret a single moment of it ....precious time should not be spent with dirt when it can be spent gazing upon a Child of the King. Seriously, I will send a check! Love you guys,


  6. I am SO SAD that I missed her visit and I am also sad because I miss you, Noah and Magdalena!!!! Hugs from vacation. LOVE YOU AND HAPPY 9 WEEKS MAGDALENA!


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