Saturday, October 25, 2008

Look at our Big girl!

When we went to the NICU last week they gave us an official weight of 5 pounds 15 ounces (with clothes on). She had the best time snuggling with all of her old friends who are the most incredible nurses. After having a baby in the NICU I firmly believe that a special person works there, and God gives them the most amazing personality to love on the babies and to help the parents during such a difficult, emotional time. Sending lots of love to all of those nurses who will forever and ever have a place in our hearts.

On Friday Magdalena had an obvious personality change around. I could see before that she was beginning to feel better, but on Friday her eyes were wide opened. We sang, danced, and had great discussions. She sat in her boppy swing while I did a bit of preparation for spaghetti. Then, she helped me make it! Because Magdalena was doing so well and enjoyed her outing we went out again on Saturday! We were looking for a dress that would fit her small little body for the fall pictures that we are going to have made. And we were not surprised at all to have found this at Sweet Dreams in Madison. (Thanks for helping us so much!) She was such a big girl, and enjoyed looking around at all of the lights! She didn't enjoy riding in her car seat like she used to though because she is so used to being held. I love that she is so spoiled.

One of the strange things for us while we were out on the town was that so many people stopped us to talk about to Magdalena. She is so small so and beautiful that everyone was wanting to ask questions and look at her. Thanks to Karen who gave us the great idea of making the cards with our blog address on it. That way it made it easier to share Magdalena's story without having to give emotional details with complete strangers, yet continuting to share God's love and mercy.

Magdalena snuggling with her Mimi on one of the days that she doesn't feel so well
Magdalena loves being in the water, but after her bath it is so cold!! Here she is crying
Mimi trying to help Magdalena cough up some of that gunk inside of her
Magdalena's faces while Mimi was doing this to her.
Gigi came to see and cuddle with sweet Magdalena

Our special visitor, Katie, came to snuggle with Magdalena

Daddy and Magdalena sleeping last night.

Laura and Magdalena hanging out today at Gigi's house.


  1. Beautiful photos! I'm so glad she is feeling better. Each day is such a precious gift. She is absolutely adorable...if you lived closer I'd invite myself over for a snuggle. :)

  2. Beautiful! I love that the cards give you an opportunity not just to share with friends but with complete strangers. God is using y'all. He is so good. Love you! Let me know if you're ever down this way!

  3. I can't tell you how much I love the pictures. It is so good to see her pink lil face. That gunk is in my house also and it is still so hard at 3 1/2 for Annabel to get it up. She works so hard. Praying that Magdalena will continue to improve and you will ahve so many more memories to build with her.

  4. That girl is such a great snuggler!!!!! I think maybe I need regular cuddle visits. :) I'm SO thrilled she's doing better and can't wait to see her again. Y'all are doing such a great job of sharing God's greatness through your daughter.

  5. Erin Schmidt2:05 PM

    I'm so glad she's doing better, she looks great! Almost 6 pounds...good for her, and good for you guys too!
    Love you,

  6. What wonderful news that she is feeling better. Praying for you guys and that sweet baby. The pictures are so sweet.

  7. She is so perfect and beautiful! What a little bit of heaven you have...thank you for sharing her.

  8. The Jones Family10:56 PM

    All very beautiful and amazing photos - I believe some of the very best of her. She looks so precious.


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