Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Seventy Days, Baby Girl!

Wow, as I think on how much time has passed and how many things have happened I am amazed that God has blessed us so much to be able to celebrate this day. She has been open-eyed today, not cheery eyed, but she is definitely breathing and feeling better. Thank you so much for all of your prayers!


  1. NiCole8:57 PM

    Happy Birthday!! She will continue to be lifted in my prayers

  2. Happy 70 days Magdalena! Glad she is feeling better. We will continue to pray for healing for this sweet baby girl!

  3. Happy 70 Days, precious Magdalena!
    Continuing to pray and be in our thoughts.

  4. oh boy are we happy to celebrate your 70th day with you darling... what a fabulous anniversary!

    You are such a miracle girl and we love you so much without even having met you!

    Tell your parents that they are just great! Faith is so important to nurturing!!

    All our love
    The Bernard Bunch
    in France

  5. Anonymous4:18 AM

    Happy Birthday sweet girl1 Wishing you so many more.

  6. Seventy Wonderful Days!! Praying for so many more to fill your hearts with love and joy. Magdalena is such a blessing to so many here. May your weekend be blessed and she continue to feel better and better.

    Love, Laurie in Ca.

  7. From one mom to another. I know our circumstances are different.... but I want to say you are a beautiful soul! One thing that will not change no matter what happens is your child will always be your child and that love will not let you go. I pray for years with your precious gift from God. I pray for wisdom, faith and courage for you and your husband.

    Blessings sweet sister,

  8. Wow! That is awesome. Praise God for an amazing 70 days! God is so good.

  9. I hope Magdalena is feeling better this weekend.

  10. Hello sweet you! I am a sister in the same pain as you. My story is a bit different, yet I find so much comfort in knowing I am not the only one going through this storm. I hope to be a personal source of hope and encouragement. I have been given those gifts....but i too have days that are low, Your little lady is a beauty, and no doubt frollicking with my little gut, as I type. I hope to hear from you. May God bless you richly and use this pain for His glory!


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