Sunday, October 05, 2008

Family Time

Before I begin posting I just want to make a quick facebook statement to the general public. Secure your pages!! So many times I have been able to view someone's page before an invitation has been extended. Please be careful out there! Crazies do exist! Also, we have a group entitled "Magdalena's Feet". Please join it!

My family loves to celebrate birthdays, so they have been bugging me like crazy to celebrate it! We were in the hospital over my real birthday and anniversary, and with all that was happening I just couldn't bare to celebrate either one. I didn't care if they gave me gifts. I would have preferred if the day had passed by unacknowledged this year, but my family would not let me get away with that. So last night I finally did it, and our family had a blast getting together. Usually when we all get together at Mimi's house the grandkids bring their p.j.s so that they can all take a bath together. Last night I took Magdalena's so that she could participate in the fun of it all! We got pictures of all five grandkids in the bathtub together. They have so much fun, and in the picture everyone is smiling, even sweet Magdalena enjoyed being in the water. Caroline, Magdalena's oldest cousin, did a fabulous job holding her. She understood the responsibility and enjoyed it! My heart swelled up that Magdalena could be a part of this special moment, and when I saw it happening I knew that this would be one of those moments that I will always remember. Because of the girls' ages I didn't want to post this picture. However, I had to show you Magdalena's expression while in the tube with her cousins, so I cropped her head out for you to see it.

Look at that face! You can tell that she is having fun!

Magdalena has been looking forward to her time to snuggle with Loli.

Landon and Magdalena after taking a bathGigi rubbed Magdalena's leggs with lotion, and she loved it!

Magdalena's first time to have her nails clipped! Isn't Gigi doing a great job?

Look how pretty!! Magdalena's great-grandmother's friend made this dress for her!

And Mimi gave her this bonnet that matches it perfectly!

Also, Noah and I want to use this blog in any way to help show Christ's love through the unique, special life of our daughter. We have made little cards to pass out so that when someone asks questions about her we can easily share her story, and through this tiny little one they can see how big our God truly is. If Magdalena has ever been used in a conversation to share Christ or just to love on someone and you would like some of these little cards, please, email me your address and I would love to send some to you.

Here is a pic of what they look like...


  1. Hey there! Thanks for your comment tonight. I would love to see you guys tomorrow but it is hard for me to commit to anything right now. Shea is at home with a stomach virus and is uncertain if he can come with me. Please e-mail me at with your contact information...even if it is a cell phone number so I can text you. Thanks for your prayers! As you all know...prayer is such an important part of our faith and IT WORKS! We are thinking of you guys too!

  2. Such a precious family. I'm so glad you finally got to celebrate your birthday and glad that they didn't let you get away with skipping! How wonderful that Magdalena got to have a manicure by such a loving aunt. She was absolutely precious in her new outfit and bonnet at church yesterday. God is so great, and y'all are continually allowing him to show us that through your family. Thank you! Praise God!

  3. I just love the pictures. I love to read how much you adore your Magdalena. Praising God for this many days and continuing to pray for so many more that I can count.

  4. I think we all will always have one of those pictures framed.


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