Monday, October 27, 2008

82 Princess Days

Loli excitedly came by today because this was a present that she just could not wait to give. Loli said that "every girl should have a crown", and this is so true! Look at how cute she is in her crown! She was very alert and had fun playing today! Praise God for a good day!


  1. I was dropping by to thank you for entering my giveaway and I just want to tell you that your little girl is just precious! I have spent much time here and I am so humbled by the love you clearly have for your daughter and the strength you have in your gratefulness. I am adding your family to my prayers, that your family be covered and wrapped in God's love and protection.

    May God bless you and your family, always.

  2. A crown for the princess!

  3. She looks so alert. What a blessing to behold. I am glad she is doing well.

  4. Happy, happy 82 Princess Days!! I'm celebrating with you.


  5. It just blesses me so much that your sweet family is enjoying this time and going out and blessing others....not many families touched by T18 can go out and share their babies who are made so special and I love watchig as God gives you day after day to enjoy and share. Happy Birthday every day, Princess!

    Prince Jacob's Mommy

  6. Oh-my-goodness! This is the most precious thing!!!!! I want to come out and play with the princess very soon!

  7. Oh! What a beautiful princess you are sweet Magdalena!!!

    Praising God for today and prayers continue for wonderful days ahead,

  8. Oh how cute!! that is just perfect for her!! I am so glad to see her gaining weight!! She looks great :)
    Christ's Love, Laura

  9. What a BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS indeed!

  10. Anonymous5:10 PM

    She is so precious. I pray every day for your little angel. I am so glad to see she is doing so well. She is a princess.

  11. Anonymous8:31 PM

    a princess indeed!

  12. Every little girl needs to play Princess! Magdalena is so cute... I am glad that you are sharing your little princess with all of us. Praise God for her growth, I am so glad that she is feeling better.

  13. She is one beautiful princess! :)

    Praising God for her and the sweet blessing she is.

    Love in Him,

  14. Lori you are right.. Every girl does deserve a crown (hmmm.. where is ours..J/K)
    It looks great on Magdalena!

  15. She is soooo gorgeous! She has such a sweet mommy to think of such fabulous ways to make her days, weeks, months, and soon-to-be years so special.


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