Tuesday, October 07, 2008

62 Super Days

Today we went to the pediatrician just to have her two month check up. Noah and I really like Magdalena's doctor who helped us with her feeding and gave us signs to look for if the feeding should cause her breathing to worsen. Magdalena now intakes 60mL every three hours (-ish....depending on hunger), and she will continue her nightly feedings. Magdalena now weights 5 pounds 8 ounces and is 18 1/2 inches long!! She is getting on up there!! She was such a sweet girl as Dr. B looked her over! Yay Magdalena....62 Days!


  1. 5 lbs 8 oz... WOW! She is really growing! Am so glad you had such a good visit with her doctor, and that she is eating so well!

    Praise GOD from whom all blessing flow!

  2. yay that is so great to hear!
    So does she wake up every 3 hours or sleep through her feedings?

    So happy to hear about a nice dr's appt for a change!

  3. Yayyyy! Go girl go! I had to come check on your sweet family today to make sure all is well. I can almost see your smiles through your entries... I LOVE IT! Give lil' miss a big hug from all of us in blogland.

  4. Margarita Votano5:19 PM

    i just sat here and read your story. julie you are such a strong person. God is great! i will keep your family in my prayers. little Magdalena is soo precious!! i love you!

  5. Yay!, Lil' Bit!

  6. Happy 2 month Birthday (plus 1 day!) Sweet Girl! Just look back at the blog and see how she has grown! What a big girl! Just look at those first pictures and list the ways that she has grown so much....her weight, her length, her strength, her tummy growing bigger to take in all that food, her breathing changes, things she used to do and now has grown out of.... what a "big" girl she is for being under 6 pounds....it's all relative!

    Loving you guys,


  7. I just love coming to your blog to see Magdelenas pictures and your updates. It warms my heart as I see what God is doing. Way to go Magdelena...you are beautiful.

  8. What a blessing to watch Magdalena growing for 62 wonderful days so far. I am praying for so many more and that she continues to amaze you and all of us here, how Good God IS. Life is so precious and each life is a valuable gift from God. Have another amazing day with this sweet gift.

    Love, Laurie in Ca.

  9. Happy 62 days... what a blessing!! I remember when I first started reading your blog..praying that you would just get a little time to hold her and hear her sweet breathing....and now, WOW--62 wonderful, blessed days!!


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