Friday, October 31, 2008

86 Baby Days

Some days are hard for Noah and me because we don't know when Magdalena's crying is because of "normal" baby issues or something related to T18. And for some things I need more than just my mom's advice because of Magdalena's special conditions. She has begun a fussy stage where she cries and there is no reason (that we know of) for it. She loves to snuggle, so we can normally calm her in that way, or her candy (Mylacon drops) always makes her mouth move into the smacking position instead of the screaming one.
Some wonderful news is that Magdalena is sort of getting back on her sleeping schedule again. She is resting during the night, which means that Noah and I are able to sleep in the bed throughout the night! This an incredible thing!

Here is Magdalena in a winter hat that her cousin Emma is letting her borrow!

Magdalena and her mommy
I realized that I had spent more time behind the camera than in the pictures.

This picture was not planned! Mimi and Papa were taking care of Magdalena and her cousin, Landon, at the same time!

Magdalena enjoys eating from the bottle as much as she can!

Look what daddy found in his spot when going to bed! She is thinking "I am not moving...find somewhere else to sleep!"


  1. I love the expession on her sweet face in her daddys spot on the bed! So precious...

  2. What an expressive little girl. LOVE the borrowed hat!

  3. What sweet photos. You can really tell how big she has gotten. I love the photo of Mommy and Magdalena. How peaceful you both look.

  4. That's right, girl -- claim your spot! It is the right of the princess to pick the best sleeping spot in the house... :)

  5. Yes yes, more mommy and princess photos! Every post and especially every photo is so precious.

  6. The Jones Family10:50 PM

    That last picture is just adorable. I have just started to read through Magdalena's story, and already I am touched to the core.

    She is such a beautiful little girl.


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