Thursday, March 18, 2010

Week 2 - Why did Jesus Weep?

John 11: 1-44

What I am gaining most through these verses is truly seeing Jesus as a person. I put him in a category that is impersonal, and although I know he can heal my pain, I forget that he suffered more than just physically while on this earth. He cried knowing what the pain of death what cause a person, but through death we are reminded of a great hope that we have. This is why our response to death is different for those who know Christ and those who do not. "death is the great revealer of what we should believe and of how much we value resurrected life after physical death."
Taking this statement for this day without the other readings can be taken wrong, or at least I think so because she isn't saying that there won't be pain and tears when losing a loved one. She is talking about that despite our deceitful hearts, we have hope in what lies ahead. While pregnant with Walt and dealing with losing Magdalena, some Sundays I just couldn't go to church. I couldn't sit in a pew and act like I was ok, not shed a tear, and smile at people, and most of all, I was hurt and angry with God. One Sunday I broke down when trying to get ready, and Noah reminded me that I would be able to go again, in my own time. He knew that my heart was just hurting, and that God would pierce my heart again for him. It was a slow process, and sometimes it is still hard to participate in certain events, but when I go and get past my physical ability, past the social aspect of church, God always blesses me with his sweet word.
Sometimes I feel like Martha in John 11:21 telling Jesus "Lord, if you had been here, my brother (daughter) would not have died." But it isn't true. He was there and continues to be. There are times when I am so weak and I struggle to believe that my God, who is supposed to love me, would allow something like this to happen. It is hard for me to see the big picture, and I forget that her death glorified God.

John 11: 4 “This illness does not lead to death. It is for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified through it.”

Each day Nancy gives us a specific prayer, and today was one that I need to say much more often.
Brokenhearted Jesus, as I see the tears on your face in this story, I believe you weep with me, too. Help me to grieve with hope, believing that the eternal life you offer to those who are yours is far better than life on this earth.

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