Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 1 - Prayer of the Brokenhearted

At the end of each chapter Nancy Guthrie in One Year of Hope gives the readers a time of reflection.


What are some of the untruths you hear from others and from your own mind that you need to confront with the truth?

Have you determined to trust God with your future? How is that evident in your life?

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those who are crushed in spirit. -Psalm 34:18

Quiet yourself in the presence of God, and meditate on the comforting promises of this verse.

Express your brokenheartedness and crushed the spirit to God, laying it all down before him.

Ask God to make the closeness of his presence known to you, and open yourself to his rescue.

Praise God that his hands are big enough and strong enough to hold you and your future, no matter what happens.

Thank God for loving you enough and caring deeply enough to keep track of your sorrows and treasure your tears.

Intercede for those you love, that God would use the hurt in their lives to soften them toward himself and keep their hearts from being hardened.

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  1. Julie, I just finished catching up on week 1 today but plan to read along each day now that I'm caught up. I think for me, a common untruth when I am brave enough to express deep hurt is "time heals all wounds". I also think that sometimes untruths come out of mouths that just want to fix things. The intent is good but so often good intentions turn to hurtful actions or words. I've been guilty of doing it myself, I know more than once. May God teach me to guard my tongue and just be quiet before Him -- or to just say scriptures to myself. It's much better than speaking untruths...


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