Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update on the Ronald McDonald House Pop Tabs

Julie and I are so thankful for the great responses that we have gotten over the last year or so to our requests to support the local Ronald McDonald House by collecting pop tabs. The Ronald McDonald House is a great service to so many needy families in very difficult situations. I have taken several garbage bags full of pop tabs to them (mostly collected by all of you!) and they have always been so thankful for our support. The last time I took the tabs over, however, they informed me that they were no longer going to be accepting pop tabs as a means of support. They told me that the economy has made it such that it is not worth it for them to collect and store the tabs because the price of aluminum is so low right now. They said that it is possible to keep collecting the tabs and then turn them in for money and then simply donate the money to the House, but we feel that there may be more efficient ways of support. We are hoping that the price of aluminum will rise soon to make it worthwhile to collect the tabs again. We had fun collecting them. Thank you again for helping us support such a great cause!

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