Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Walt and Daddy at the Chick

About a week or so ago, Julie needed some time without distractions, so she arranged for me to take Walt to our local Chick-Fil-A for some free food (coupons!) and guy time.  She told me to get Walt a kid's sundae to go with his free chicken sandwich because the last time they had gone together, Walt discovered that chicken strips dipped in ice cream is delicious, in his words.  Because our coupons were for free sandwiches, not strips, I was hoping that Walt would simply dip his sandwich into his brownie sundae, but he did not like that idea.  In fact, he said that he didn't want the sandwich at all.  So I took the bread off and cut the chicken in strips in hopes that he would find them more appealing than the sandwich.  While I was doing all this, he was eating his sundae up, but when he saw the chicken now cut in strips, he told me that he wanted to eat them too.  I was happy that he was going to eat some of his chicken because I did not want to have to go home later and report that Walt's dinner was just a brownie sundae while I ate my chicken sandwich and his.  I expected Walt to grab a piece of chicken and dip it in the remainder of his brownie sundae, but instead he began spooning the largely melted ice cream (with plenty of chocolate syrup) on top of the strips and spreading it all around thoroughly.  I really had my doubts that he would eat his much of his creation, but he ate a bite and announced that it was, "Delicioso!"  He went on to eat all of it and then got up to hit the playground with ice cream, chocolate syrup, brownie, and chicken breading on his hands, face, and shirt.  Only with Daddy...

Walt's brownie sundae-covered chicken creation... "Delicioso!"


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